Tweets of the Buddha

I've been in the dark for so long, glad I can finnaly see light. Here I come! #going towards the light#in the womb

Gosh that was a long walk like 10 months. # lotta green# she doesn't understand me

This women is crying next to me. It's really creepy! #shes here# please leave

She isn't moving. #why am I hashtaging this is awful

Teachers think they can teach me more! SMH #learn from the heart

Saved a swan from near death caused by my cousins hand.# life is greater than death

Skills I never knew I had brought me to the final test to gain my love for life #combat will win a war # kindness will counter bloodshed

They all tried to be quick without consent. # kicked off # give it time

Our happiness will be shown threw life # go towards the light. # it's a long walk

Thought of ageing is worrying me greatly # slow down time

I'm not moving until suffering is vanquished #bodhi trees are nice

Buddha the enlightened one has arrived AKA me # found peace # world teacher

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