Daniel Pena ESL 186 Summer 2019: Dayamudra's class

About me

  • I am from a small town called Ixtaczoquitlan in Veracruz Mexico.
  • I arrived to the United States on April 23 of 2007.
  • In my free time I practice Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Also I like to watch movies and dance to Latin music.
  • My goals for the future are to be a good father, to have my own house and to have a better position at my job as an Athletic Director of a School.
  • I am taking this class to improve my English and to advance in my college education.
  • My three goals for this class are: first, to improve my English grammar, second to have a better way to write an academic essay, and finally, to pass the class.
My Reading Skills And Strategies
  • Gulp: In the first week, my reading speed was slow, and my comprehension of the reading was taking me too much time. By doing the question in parts and practicing reading everyday, my speed improved and by doing the two pages drawings my comprehension got much better.
  • Articles: Others activities in class such as reading short articles, in addition to Gulp, it helps to understand the main ideas in articles where the English grammar is easy to comprehensive to my reading skills.
  • Grammar: I have been attending to Workshops in the ESL CLAD. reading and working with the book " Grammar and Beyond 4" and taking notes from the purple table contents.
  • Sentence Structure: we do not only study our text and work book but our teacher gives examples and explain how to combine verbs in their correct tense.
  • Vocabulary: by reading our book Gulp we learn new vocabulary every week with the help of the "One-Pagers" worksheets.

Essay Writing Skills

One challenge that I have struggle, It is to organize my ideas, but in class we have learned multiples ways to connect the main ideas of each paragraph. Also, it is easier for me to write paragraph by paragraph as in our research project. My three ideas to improve my essay writing skills are:

  • Create a quick brainstorm to connect ideas.
  • Follow the essay structure: Topic sentences, supportive details and quotation marks.
  • Use more transition words and fallow the main idea of the essay at all times.

Student Services Research Project

  • In my essay of the student services, I notices that my writing skills had improved so much. There are still a lot of things that I need to work on but, i can see the different in my writing skills now.
  • Working with my group all this time, it had been helping me so much. Some of the activities like analyzing "The Guardsman" newspaper and "The ETC Magazine" help me to find the key ideas in short paragraph and summarize it.

Thank You So Much Red Doves!!!

Thank You ESL 186 Summer Class!!!

Thank You Ms. Dayamudra Dennehy!!!

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