Let Arnold Spirit (a.k.a. Junior) make decisions Leaving home isn't the best option

"I want to go to Stanford and study architecture."- having a Career path

"I can do it," I said to Coach, to my teammates, to the world- self confidence

"I remember you," he said. "You were a good shooter."- coach giving advice

"We have Arnold Spirit," Coach said.- coach all the confidence on junior

Stand up for yourself: "yeah, but you punched the alpha dog in the face," she said. "They're going to respect you now"

Help others: "i was a poor kid raising money for other poor people"

Have a hobby: Arnold draws to express himself

Support your friends dreams: junior told rowdy that he will play in the NBA and he also supports Penelope's dreams of traveling.

Follow your dreams: junior leaves the Rez so he has a better chance of success in life

Dear Spirit Walker (Arnold "junior" Spirit)

Hey I'm a 16 year old that came from the reservation I'm a sophomore at this new school and I'm very different from everyone I don't have any friends or know anyone at my new school. The reason I had to move to schools is because I had high test scores and I was a good athlete for soccer. My teachers recommended me to move because I would be able to have a lots of opportunities that no other kid did in the reservation I was wondering if you can give an advice. Is it okay to be different? And what is the best way to make new friends the fastes way.

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