TV Make by faith

Job application letter

In the beginning, I applied for the job as a sound mixer, but later I was assigned another role of being one of the camera operators.

For this TV make, although being one of the camera people isn't the role I originally had in mind, but I accepted it because I had experience working in a similar environment but never had the chance to undertake the role of filming. I feel like this is a good opportunity to challenge myself, to step out of my comfort zone and have new experiences.

Research for TV production role

Camera Operators have a lot of responsibilities. They have to ensure that cameras are well associated and ready for the live make. Camera operators also have to be able to multi-task, because they need to watch the scene, listen to the directions given from the control room while carrying out complex technical tasks. They may work closely with performers, giving them constructive advice in order to achieve the required composition. Camera operator must also have in depth knowledge of the principles of camera work as well as converting instructions into well composed shots. They also need to require patience, enthusiasm, good spacial awareness and most importantly communication skills.

Textual analysis of 1 TV "make"


The visual appeal of the set is created by a large wooden banner in the center, associated with blue, red and white splashes. The set is also decorated with wooden framed photos. I think the set design is going for a more colourful and positive appeal to audience, hoping to attract more attention, especially from children. The props (frames, sign) are crafted with wooden boards, which corresponds to the "make" theme.


Although the set design was quite complicated and had more of a messy vibe, the "make" table was really simple and contrasted with the background of the set. The table was coloured white so while the presenters are doing the "make" , the audience could have clearer vision of the steps. The make table includes the completed examples so the audience who are watching have an idea about what they're making, what they are expecting for the end product.


For the materials list, it was surrounded by a cartoon image of a messy craft table. This example of a "make" doesn't have a special title sequence or logo as transitions throughout the video. At the end of the TV "make", a graphic VT was used to communicate with the audience, it suggested them to watch more videos about "makes". It allowed the user to have direct access to their youtube channel when they clicked on the VT.

Analysis of how one TV programme of your choice is using developing technology

SKAM: Skam is a very popular tv show, one of the reasons is that this TV show uses the different social media platforms to promote and allow the audience to interact with the tv show and its characters. The actors on the show will also make use of their social media profiles to promote the show and remind the audience of the air time. The show also gives the audience a chance to really connect with the characters in the story, they would set up live streaming to host Q&A sessions. All these actions are attempting to attract more audience, to make sure that the audience feels included and is part of the programme.

Production documentation

Journal Entry

19 January, 2017

On the day of production, we met up early at lunch break to prepare our set, set up all the equipment and prepare for the rehearsal take. Abby assisted us through our preparation. She made a few modifications to the original script and taught us how to adjust the camera settings. After finishing all the preparation work, we started with our first practice take. The entire atmosphere was really tense. Our group really struggled with the auto- cue because it wasn't working properly during the makes, but everyone kept calm and tried their best to contribute and make the best of the situation. In order to solve this problem, Abby suggested we use a manual auto- cue instead. In the end, we only had time to do 2 actual takes.

Production meeting

these are the notes we took during meetings about the details for our make

Rehearsal footage

this is a video of the rehearsal, the auto cue was not working properly so the presenters were a bit stuck.

behind the scenes

Actual Production

Distribution possibilities

Nowadays, as the technology continues to develop, there are a lot of different social platforms for people from all around the world to communicate and interact with each other. Our video is about making slime stress balls because a lot of people enjoy playing it. Not just kids and teenagers, but adults may also have interest in stress balls. Our video has already been posted on Youtube, it allows people to access it quickly by just typing in keywords. We can also post the link to the youtube video on Facebook or Instagram, making sure that people do see it, and people who watched it can also share it to their friends, multiplying the viewers.

Final Evaluative production report

In conclusion, apart from the auto-cue problem, I think our group did quite well in aspects concerning preparation and technique. Especially the fact that everyone paid a lot of attention in doing their assigned job. I think we definitely need to improve in time efficiency, not to spend too much time hesitating over one problem and instead find alternate ways to replace it. One way was to assign someone to keep track of the time left or do a test try with all the equipment before the actual day. I feel we should've had more communication with each other. But overall, our group performed really well, especially under all that pressure. The final product was good. This was a really good experience and I look forward to similar tasks in the future.


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