If you can not make me thin,make my friends fat.
if you want to catch a bird ,look very careful.

If future depends on your dreams,go to sleep.

If you have five cats,it will be all what you need in your life.

If cat find milk,it will drink all of them.

If you want to look beatiful,you have to clean your paws.

If you are very tired ,take a break.

If you need better view,jump on the tree.

If you have tooth pain,visit dentist.

If i am angry,move away from me.

Created By
goce pesovski


Created with images by Helena Jacoba - "Kittens resting together on the bed" • jessica mullen - "Gratitude" • Alexas_Fotos - "cat red sleep" • J i J y - "Milk washing face" • J i J y - "IMG_0302" • LoggaWiggler - "cat sweet climb" • wilkernet - "animal cat kitten" • JordanHoliday - "baby cat cat baby kitten"

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