Recognizing and Dealing with Anger Kristie kellerman


What is the difference between the happy girl and the angry boy?

Why does she look happy?

Why does he look angry?

What do all of these faces have in common?

Let's watch a video about feelings!

What feelings did you see them talk about?

Have you ever felt angry?

What makes you angry?

  • Bullies in school?
  • Your brother or sister?
  • Your mom or dad?
  • When you don't get to play the game you want to play?
  • What else?
"The Mad Family Gets Their Mads Out":

What should we do if we ever feel angry? Let's talk about it!

  • talk to a friend you can trust
  • count to 10
  • get or give a hug
  • do jumping jacks or another exercise
  • draw a picture of your anger
  • sing along with a song
  • pull weeds in the garden
  • think good thoughts (maybe about a fun vacation or your favorite sport)
  • take a bike ride, go skateboarding, play basketball — do something active!
  • click here to read more about it

"Today I will choose kindness over anger"

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