Notes Week 4

Week 4

We are on a roll! Students are working on playing their first 5 notes, being mindful of posture, breathing, hand position, reading the rhythms, reading the notes, using the correct keys/valves/slide positions for those notes, forming the proper embouchure, and putting this all together to make our best sound—all this happens in seconds! We tell the students, this is why our band students have to be smart! We are glad they are so smart and are enjoying all the classes!

Home Practice is Key!

We are in a crucial point in our young musician's development. In order to move forward, every student must be practicing the skills we do in class at home 5 nights a week or more! Without this time, they will be unable to develop the muscles required to play with a good sound. Practice time should be around 15 minutes of playing and 15 minutes of practicing note names, positions, and holding the instrument properly with good posture. Please encourage your child to practice (refer to "Notes-week 1" newsletter for more information about practice).

The more we practice naming notes, the faster we get!

More Chaperones Needed!

We need chaperones for our Main Event Social on September 21. It will be a fun and easy night!

—arrive at 5:10 pm (we will go over the sign-in/sign-out procedure)

—help with the sign-in process

—walk around, take pictures of kiddos having fun, and generally keeping an eye out for fantastic behavior! (But ready to report behavior concerns to the directors who will take care of any discipline).

—at 7:45 pm report back to the entrance to get ready for the sign-out process

There is no entry cost to chaperones. You will be able to purchase your food there if you choose.

Note: FUNcards are not provided to chaperones, but you will be able to purchase one at the desk if you choose.

If you are chaperoning, we ask that you do not bring young children that would require your attention.

If you have not filled out the volunteer application, please do so today!

Ms. Abbott performs with the Texas Tech Alumni Goin' Band

I made great memories and lifelong friends in the Goin' Band. I was happy to see everyone and excited to perform again! —Ms. Abbott

Stay Healthy!

All brass players, clarinets, and saxophones should be cleaning their mouthpieces with good old soap and water every few days. A mild dish soap and warm water will do a great job at keeping those germs at bay. And remember don't ever let anyone else play your instrument!

Clarinets and Saxophones, throw away any reeds you used while you were sick or not feeling well!

App of the Week—Again!

It's too good not to feature again!

On sale now!!

Unfortunately, this app is only available on Apple devices, but if you have an Apple device, this app is AWESOME!!! And it is on sale now!!!

We are proud of Patrick and all he has accomplished! We know he will continue to do great things!

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