DeWolff, Boberg and Associates By Tim Jones

Overview of DB&A

  • Management consulting firm
  • Headquartered in Dallas Texas
  • Closest branch located in Tampa Florida

Why I would want to work for DB&A

  • Great fit for management
  • Many opportunities for travel
  • Consultants can make significant, positive impacts on compaines


  • Consultants work with various levels of management
  • Cross industry management
  • Majority of work done on the front lines of businesses


  • Consultant travel extensively to serve conpanies
  • DB&A has worked with 172 industies
  • Perfect fit for individuals who can adapt quickly to new situations and environments

Impacts made as a consultant

  • DB&A works to empower organizations to unlock their full potential
  • Focuses on strengthening all levels of management
  • Provides customized solutions to companies looking to improve overall operations

Works cited

Created By
Tim Jones


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