Robots By: Boonsiri p. (Boonboon)


You go into a room, you see no people, then suddenly, B a n g, Crash, VROOM, WHOOSH, Pring!!! You close the door and go into the next room. It is dark, you hear soft music, and a figure carrying a baby, rocking back and forth. You wander into another room that reveals what you have been seeing. ROBOTS!!! From robots as toys, to robots for work,, rescuing thousands of lives, sometimes even millions. Robots can have a variety of appearances. There is also a long, rich history to robots. Some machines don’t rescue people-but robots do. A robot, entertaining and fun filled, can be a great buddy for you. Read more to find out how robots are important.

Robots for WORK!!!

Robots can do almost every job like us. First, robots can be a pharmacist, a stockroom worker, a farmer, or even a soldier! Amazon’s stockroom workers are already using short, bright, orange robots in wheels. Robots can’t get killed which decreases the loss of life in an army. Robots do not have errors. So if they were pharmacist, a patient’s medicine would be exact. Robots are great at routines. So, robots can efficiently do a farmer’s routine. For example, the robot hotel, or the Hen-na hotel already has robots for a staff instead of people. The vicious looking dinosaur and a female humanoid robot are the receptionists at the Hen-na hotel. And many more robots are used for work instead of people at Hen-na hotel, Nagasaki Japan. Lastly, robots are already better than humans at the jobs of a bomb squad, a journalist, and a housekeeper. Robots can better dispose bombs and minimize the risks to human lives. Business and sports journalist can sometimes get numbers wrong, but robots wouldn’t. Robots can keep your house clean, tidy, and shiny by the time you come back home from school or work. They can sweep, scrub, and do a great job of gutter-cleaning. Robots can work just like people.

Robots Appearance:

Robots come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colour depending on their purposes. Robots can be as big as an elephant or as tiny as a one cent coin. For example, a fire breathing robot dragon is 56-feet-long - longer than an elephant. While the robo-fly is half the size of a paper clip - smaller than a coin. Robots can be designed in every color. From clear to the most opaque black. Toy robots often come in bright colors, while military robots come in nato green, black, and bronze green. Robots can also be designed to be in any shapes. For example, robots can be made into a shape of a dinosaur, a human, a dog, or into your imaginary friend. Robots can appear in any form. They can be in every shapes, colors, and sizes depending on what they will be used for.

Rescue Robots

Imagine you are in the middle of a building that has crashed down. You are too weak to scream for help. But you know someone will be trying to find you. RESCUE ROBOTS!!! They will drag and carry you. Until you get away from danger. They are just like emergency rescuers. For example, the Tokyo Fire Department Robocue is designed to save lives by it’s swiftness. During earthquakes in Japan (which happens often) the machines find injured people and carry them out of danger. According to, robots explore the wreckage that are too dangerous for humans to explore. They help gather the injured victims and carry them to safety using the names of the missing victims. Maybe a robot would rescue you someday if you are lucky enough.

Robots of the FUTURE:

In the future, there might be robots with better intelligence than us. In the next few decades, robots will be more human-like. The robots in the future will be more realistic. Because they will make us more comfortable communicating with a human-like machine. It might feel like talking to an old friend. For example, they will have slight chest movements like they were breathing, eyes that blink, and lastly, they will have man made muscles to change their facial expressions. They will also be more intelligence and fast, more perfect than a human. They’ll take up thousands of jobs in no time. In Rise of the Robots, Martin Ford tells us that with the intelligence of a robot in the future, it can take up a whole McDonalds crew.

Robots from the PAST:

Did you know, around the late 1400’s, Leonardo da vinci has sketched plans for a humanoid robot? Robots in the past can’t do very much compared to what they are today. In 1932, Japan created the first toy robot that walked. And in 1986, HONDA launched a project to build a walking robot. Although robots in the past were really useful. Like in 1969, the U.S. successfully land Neil Armstrong on the moon using the latest robots, space technology, and computing. Robots were also used as pets like the widely popular dog, AIBO. An automatic dog Sony released in 1999 robots. Robots weren’t really popular in the past. People don’t use them to make their life a lot simpler. Robots have improved a lot from the past, but, they can always be better.

Robots TODAY:

These days, robots have evolved a lot from the past. The most advanced robot today is the ASIMO, created by HONDA. People are trying to make robots more efficient and high-tech everyday. New inventions of robots are very expensive. Because they include lots of ideas from different great scientists all around the world and they include special materials that can be hard to find. These days, robots are being frequently seen through the community. People from all around the world is starting to accept this new technology. In U.S.A. and Japan, robots are already working for lots of companies. You might even be having a robot at home right now sweeping your house. Although they may seem perfect, they can always be improved. For example, the cost, some robots seem to be very expensive. Maybe, if scientists discover new ways to make robots economical, more people would consider buying a robot. Robots are slower than people. A runner could beat a robot in a race easily. Robots can’t do a lot compared to what they can do today.

Toy Robots

Robots may seem very important, but they can also be used as toys. When it comes to toys, many children would think of a ball, a truck, or maybe even their soft cuddly bear. But, do they think of a toy robot? Wind-up toy robots can walk unlike stuff bears. They have sounds unlike some balls. Some may even roll and transform. They can be 5 inches tall or 10 inches tall. There are so many variety of toy robots. Catch up with the trend and feed yourself to a cute toy robot-NOW!


Robots can be very useful in so many ways. From being a baby’s toy, to joining the force and saving millions of lives. Scientists have worked hard to improve the robots. Maybe a robot would be your hero someday. So, don’t waste your time, and buy a robot-NOW!!!

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