FLMNH Amy Wimberley

Nature on Display

The frog exhibit at the Florida Museum of Natural History was particularly appealing to me because of the wide variety of species to look at. The design of the exhibit lead the observer in a path that allowed them to look at every frog without being overwhelmed. The exhibit captured my attention because the display is of a live creature, rather than a static painting. Living, breathing animals are entertaining and grasp the attention of the audience; they have personalities and maneuver their displays with curiosity. Mediums such as paintings are still. Although some might argue that paintings portray movement through blurred lines and cloudy images, the fact is, they are fixed and unchanging. The frog exhibit displays live creatures and shows them in action in a simulated environment. One display showed a frog swimming around in the water; I would never have seen this without the live display.

Various Frogs

Nature and Ethics

The butterfly rain forest made me feel as if I was a member of the "biotic community" because I got to step foot in the butterfly's environment. I felt like I was part of their community for a while as I walked down the paths in the atrium and I felt a sense of calm. Butterflies are calming creatures as they flutter aimlessly in the air. Their beautiful colors are mesmerizing and distract the mind from external issues. Many visitors wanted to take pictures, either on their phones or professional cameras; people stopped in their tracks in order to get the perfect snapshot. The butterflies hover in the air spreading their brightly colored wings - some even dare land on the visitors of the museum. After visiting the butterfly rain forest, I didn't feel a nagging sense of ethical responsibility, but I did leave with a greater appreciation of nature.

Butterfly Rain Forest

Nature and the Human Spirit

The natural history museum provides an outlet for stress. Students at UF are constantly bombarded with tests, quizzes, and projects. I've been to the butterfly rain forest on my own time, not just to complete this assignment. I enjoy viewing the new exhibits, like the frogs, and taking my mind off of school for an hour or two. It's relaxing to learn about things other than multi-variable calculus and combustion reactions. In this way, the museum allows us to step out of our ordinary lives. It helps us better understand who we are because it provides a distraction from tensions and pressure in the outside world. We have time to reflect on our feelings and be in the moment.

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