2017 Goals My goals for the new year

Things I will do in 2017:

  • Travel to another country (not including Canada or Mexico)
  • Move to the Tri-Cities
  • Have one on one time with my kids every month and make those times memorable and special for them
  • Add $20,000 to my savings by year's end
  • Build an online brand with justinklingler.com and focus on providing business knowledge
  • Continue working out every day until day 365 on May 4 then alternate to every other day.
  • Volunteer my time at least once per month.
  • Read one new business book every month.
  • Have a brothers weekend where we stay up all night playing games and being bros
  • Vacation in the Bahamas in June
Focusing on the ones I love the most

My Priorities

1. Be a good father

2. Be a good son

3. Be a good ex husband

4. Be a good brother

5. Be a good friend

6. Be a good boss

7. Be a good citizen

Travel to another country

In 2017 I will use my passport and visit a country I have never visited before! I will look at traveling during the month of April or November. I may travel to Germany as I have a friend there that could show me around.

Move to the Tri-Cities

Another move is in store for me this year. This we'll be my 19th move in the last 13 years. No wonder I don't decorate my home... I will be moving to the tricities which will put me closer to the kids and more centralized in my district.

Have one on one time with the kids

Each month I will take one of the kids on a daddy daughter date or father son time. We will spend time just the two of us doing what they like to do. I will focus on getting to know them and their dreams. I will go out of my way to make the time memorable and special for them. They are my greatest blessing and I want them to always know that.

Add $20,000 to my savings by year's end

I have big financial goals in life. I will save $20,000 in 2017 which will better position me for purchasing property in 2018.


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