The Salar Jung Museum A must-see Collection of Rare Artifacts from around the globe

Some people are bestowed with an unique gift from the Almighty. He doesn't just confer something tangible, but instead weaves the gift into their DNA which becomes a priceless 'trait'. I believe, the Salar Jungs were one such lucky people. If not a gift, what else would you call this distinguishing characteristic of the Jungs, from Salar Jung I to Salar Jung III, for collecting and preserving the rare artifacts from around the globe?

His grandfather started it, but it was Nawab Mir Yousuf Ali Khan, aka Salar Jung III, was the passionate who single-handedly read and travelled different places collecting these rare pieces of art after relinquishing his position as prime minister under the seventh Nizam of Hyderabad. From November 1914 until his death in 1949, Yousuf Ali Khan dedicated his entire life collecting these rare gems.

This museum is a veritable paradise and home to thousands of uncommon objects, books and manuscripts. In December 1951, these rare objects were organized and brought out for public display. This museum with its huge collection is a testament to one man's passion for history and culture.

Rock & Marble Sculptures

My intention is to create a virtual tour of the museum, though partial, with my photographs. Those who have already seen the objects would recall their trip to the museum. And those that are yet to visit would remember these photos after seeing the real objects. Well, at the least that's my wish ;)

Metal Ware Gallery

Most artifacts are housed within glass cupboards and with the light reflecting of it was difficult to photograph. My optics had a tough time hunting to get a clear focal point. I have though tried my best to capture what best I could.

Ornamented Ewers

Indian Bronze & Painted Textiles

The Ivory Carvings Gallery

The Chinese Art Gallery

Artifacts of the Salar Jungs

The museum is of national importance and is compared to London's Victoria & Albert Museum. It has a plethora of sculptures, paintings, manuscripts, textiles, carvings, ceramics, metal work, clocks, carpets and furniture from all around the world. Also, some personal collection of the Salar Jungs.

Though the museum is huge and takes lots of time to see, it's worth it. One could really spend quality time in here. I spent around four hours looking at every object through every room but I could click only a few photographs. If you visit Hyderabad keep an entire day aside to see just this place. I bet you would marvel it!

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