Florida museum of natural history By: Garrit Dubois

I found the design of the butterfly garden was specifically created to immerse visitors in the natural world. The design of the butterfly garden appealed to me because of its naturalistic appearance. I enjoyed seeing the butterflies interact naturally in their habitat. The natural world is shown through observing butterflies. It is difficult to see a large population of butterflies naturally interacting in nature. The butterfly exhibit allows visitors to appreciate the beauty of butterflies interacting with nature in person. The in person experience mocks a real nature encounter with observing butterflies. This is specifically enjoyable because the butterflies themselves are peaceful and gentle creatures; thus, it is entertaining and calming to watch them.
The natural museum provided me the opportunity to experience feelings of admiration and love for nature. The impressive documentary of other animals and plant life that has inhabited the planet inspires me as a person to learn more about the history of life on Earth. Going through the museum I felt as though I was uniquely learning and experiencing nature. As other people go through the museum, they take their time and appreciate the displays. The natural history museum allows visitors to connect with nature by simulating the natural world as an exhibit. Going through the museum, I myself felt a sense of connection with the natural world. I felt an ethical responsibility to care for plants as other important members of the biotic community as I went through the museum.
The natural history museum is a unique experience that allows visitors to step out of their daily routine and learn something new. The museum itself helps to step out of the daily routines by providing an environment that resembles history and nature that can combine to educate. The museum helps modern day humans look introspectively at the history of the earth. Humans have witnessed so little of Earths history that the past is almost a new world waiting to be discovered. The Earth has held a variety of types of animals and nature that humans have not seen, the museum serves to educate visitors on the history that is unknown. This presentation of the mystery inspires admiration for the natural world.

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