George Pickett: a Biography by andrew comer

Major General George Pickett

George Pickett was born January 16th, 1825 in Richmond, Virginia.

Richmond, Virginia (present day)

George Pickett was born in his grandfathers shop. He was the first child of eight children, and his family was one of the first in Virginia.

He graduated in his class from West Point in 1846 at 17 years old. He was last out of fifty-nine other cadets.

West Point military academy

George Pickett faced quite a few challenges throughout his career. His most famous was Pickett's Charge, a suicidal charge with 12,500 Confederate soldiers into enemy lines. While it was the farthest breach of the Battle of Gettysburg, it was unsuccessful. He also fought in many other wars such as the Pig War, Peninsula Campaign, and the Mexican-American War.

The most famous thing Pickett is known for is Pickett's charge, which he was not even actually in charge of. It was actually called the Perriwit-Pickett Assault.

He also is famous for other wars and campaigns in the Mexican-American War and the Peninsula Campaign, which was during the Civil War.

Mexican-American War

He contributed to America by leading the most famous charge in the Civil War. It might have failed, but it still heavily affected the Union. The war would not be the same without Pickett's Charge.

What inspires me the most about Major General George Pickett is his perseverance. Against all odds, he still tried, and got real close. That's the kind of attitude we as people need.

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