Maya Angelou The Lesson

Maya Angelou is an exceptional poet. She creates great imagery and represents good personification. She does very well with hiding the real meaning but also while showing strong emotions. Maya Angelou is honest and is not afraid to write about difficult and emotional situations. Her style of writing speaks to people because she writes about situations people can relate to and which they may have experienced. Maya Angelou writes about her own experiences of being an African-American woman and struggles the world goes through. Her poems evolve around a type of dark beauty, women's strengths and weaknesses and about sexes and races.

The Lesson

I keep on dying again.

Veins collapse, opening like the

Small fists of sleeping


Memory of old tombs,

Rotting flesh and worms do

Not convince me against

The challenge. The years

And cold defeat live deep in

Lines along my face.

They dull my eyes, yet

I keep on dying,

Because I love to live.

I have learned that a poem can be written in various ways. Whether you make it rhyme or just tell a story, it can be a poem. Poems can be very long or quite short. Most of all I have learned that poems are a way of expressing feelings or saying something without saying the actual word.

The day our life began

The sun rose early Sunday morning,

We woke up together side by side,

Arms and legs intertwined,

Nothing on our minds that could be forewarning.

My eyes close,

Asleep once again,

Not a worry in my brain,

Silence and dreams surround me as I dose.

I awake,

Smell of coffee,

As he kisses me softly,

Without his body against mine I ache.

I leave the bed,

Missing the warm covers,

Thinking of all the other lovers,

He holds me in his arms and kisses my forehead.

I hop in the shower,

As water trickles down my back,

He is all that lacks,

His presence gives me so much power.

I dry off,

Clothe myself for the day,

As I feel the sun's ray,

This life is great, I would never want to runoff.

Breakfast is made,

French toast and scrambled eggs,

I sit to take the pressure off my legs,

I no longer worry about how much I weighed.

We smile,

We laugh,

The love we have for each other is larger than a giraffe,

I can’t wait to see him walk down the aisle.

My life is complete,

With him by my side,

Not a worry on my mind,

His personality is just of so sweet.

Today is the day our life began,

He says as his smile grew,

I now pronounce you,

Man and man.

My poem is about the day of a wedding. Two men who are in love prepare for the special day. The poem is in the perspective of one gentleman and his feelings towards his love. I wanted to write a poem which had imagery just like Maya Angelou’s poem which inspired me to write about anything that could be on my mind. The poem is not exactly what I wanted but it will do. I wish I could have been more specific and added more description but I am fairly happy considering the struggle I confronted. I had a hard time trying to make the poem rhyme but I feel like I really pushed myself and did well. If there was anything I would like to practice or change it would be to think more outside the box and work on my writing skills. I have a hard time finding a topic to write about but I believe one day, with more practice, my poems will be more diverse


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