Melissa's Goals Project english 2 - period 2

Semester Goal:

Achieving a goal is nothing. The getting there is everything.-Jules Michelet

In this semester , I want to manage to keep decent grades. To achieve this goal , I will make sure to turn in all assignments ON TIME , ask my teachers for extra credit worksheets , if I ever get stuck on a lesson I will do my part and ask at the end of class or before/ after school , when it comes to quizzes I will make sure to study and make that a priority , if it means to cancel on plans with friends then that is how it will be , or I can arrange “study dates” with my friends so that at the same time studying with be fun.

  • Steps:
  • Take notes on anything I think we will be tested on
  • Turn in all assignments on time!
  • Ask my teachers for help if ever needed
  • Invite friends for "study dates" so that I can get help from them too
  • Pay attention in class and avoid any distractions

English Goal:

The English language is a work in progress. Have fun with it.- Jonathan Culver

In English , I want to pass this class with an A. To achieve this goal I will take as many notes as I can , turn in all assignments as early as possible , try to save up the bathroom passes for extra credit , and if at one point I am absent and I missed a lesson , I will make sure to pick up any missed assignments and turn them in as soon as I finish , when tests and quizzes come , I will make sure to study very hard by making flash cards , asking my parents to quiz me and saying all important information out loud.

  • Steps:
  • Turn in assignments early
  • Review any worksheets and/or study guides
  • Take a lot of notes
  • If ever absent, catch up on assignments and turn it in as soon as possible!
  • To study I can...
  • Get my parents to quiz me
  • Make flashcards
  • Read all important information out loud until I'm sure I remember it

High School Goal:

Life is just high school all over again, only with bigger bills to pay -Linda Palmer

My high school goal is to have enough credits in each class so that I’ll be able to graduate on time. To achieve this goal I will have an 85 percent or better in each class. I’ll do that by taking notes for study guides, asking my teachers for extra credit, turning in work, studying A LOT, avoiding any unnecessary drama at school , getting help from my teacher before/after school or come in for E.O.P if I ever feel like I’m getting stuck in a lesson, make sure to hang out around friends who I know will help me with my education and motivate me to keep trying. I don't want to just have in my head "KEEP STUDYING!" I also want to join in as many sports as I can as well as clubs so that at the same time I can have some 'me' time and enjoy high school.

  • Steps:
  • Write down important notes
  • Avoid drama!
  • Go in for help before/after school or E.O.P
  • Ask questions during class
  • Have a group of friends who I know will motivate me to try my hardest
  • Study to get good scores on tests and/or quizzes

After High School Goal:

College inspired me to think differently. It's like no other time in your life. - Larisa Oleynik

My goal for after school is to get into a good college so that I can become a photographer. I will achieve my goal by turning in applications to ASU , GCU, and NAU. In the meantime, I will also try to volunteer in any community services that I think will look good on my resume. And I will try to look for some job openings to see how photography will be like.

  • Steps:
  • Apply to as many colleges as I can
  • Since my first choice for a college is ASU I will try hard to impress the teachers with satisfying grades
  • Live my dream to become a photographer and in the meantime look for another photography class for more experience
  • Community service for a good resume

Personal Growth Goal:

The only person you should ever compare yourself to is the one you used to be.

My personal growth goal will be to become more determined. I will achieve this goal by setting some goals for myself every day like for example, I would set a goal to ace a test and I will ace it by studying a lot, taking notes, and asking for help when I need it. I will also achieve my goal by putting in the work in school so that when I go to college, I will be able to impress the teachers there with my knowledge.

  • Steps:
  • Set goals for myself every day (even for the most smallest things)
  • Every day wake up with a positive feeling that it will be a good day
  • Put in the work in high school for a better, brighter future
  • Everything has a solution which is the reason why you shouldn't give up


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