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Cell division

  • Cell division is the process of a cell recreating itself to make an exact replica of its previous self to preform a task.
  • This process is referred to as mitosis.
  • This usually takes place when cell is close to dying so it needs a replacement to take its place, or when an area of cells is damaged. Damage would be something like a cut or scrape.
  • This is process is related to cancer because when this process goes wrong cancer is formed. A cell will go to split and the process gets messed up; then a deformed cell is created that has no purpose so it meaninglessly divides and crowds out healthy cells forming what we know as tumors. Cancer cells are unorganized and form rapidly.
  • This can happen anywhere in the body.

1.)How to prevent cancer?

  • The best way to prevent cancer is to stay away from carcinogens, which is something that causes cancer, carcinogens are things such as UV rays, smoking, drinking alcohol.
  • Since there is so many different types of cancer is hard to identify one specific way to prevent cancer, but staying healthy is your best bet.
  • Get exercise daily, eat healthy, use products like sunscreen to prevent from skin cancer, and avoid toxins.

2.)How many different treatments are there? What are the treatments?

  • To start, there are many various forms of treatments for cancer; However, it's not uncommon for a patient to go through only 1 form of treatment. Treatments are usually specific to the type of cancer and how aggressive it is.
  • All together I would say there is 6 types of main/ common treatments.
  • Surgery, Chemotherapy, Radiation therapy, Immunotherapy, Targeted Therapy, and Precision Medicine
  • Now to actually talk about what the treatments are/ what they do.
  • Surgery is pretty straight forward; You target the cancer and you remove it by cutting it out. Usually with this treatment it is when the cancer is located in one region of the body( It hasn't spread ). This treatment require follow up check ups to ensure the cancer was fully removed.
  • Chemotherapy, also called chemo, is use of toxins that go through the body killing and shrinking tumors/cancer cells. It can also cause harm to healthy cells in the body.
  • Radiation is dense blasts of radiation at location of cancer. The radiation will kill any cells it hits so it's very important the radiation is targeting the tumor area.
  • Immunotherapy is when you train your body to fight back against cancer. It usually involved a change in diet, making it healthier. Also exercise and sometimes other relaxation tactics
  • Targeted therapy and precision medicine are a little bit the same. They both involved using specific drugs to target the cancer and kill the cells. Though precision medicine is more precise.


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