My SLC By Nicolette brady

Hello and welcome to my conference, Dad, this is Mrs.Chenoweth, Mrs.. Chenoweth this is my Dad, Chris


Thank you for taking the time to come to my student lead conference. Please make sure your sell phone is on silent. My student lead conference is a chance for me to talk to you about the kind of student I am now, the kind of student I want to be and how I can get there with the help from you and my teachers. We will go over the goals I have created for myself for all my classes, as well as the STAR assignment and employability survey. Please feel free to ask questions along the way or wait until the end

My total attendance this year is 99 percent

I hope To Have 0 Absences now and i hope it stays that way for the whole year.

I will reach this goal by not missing any school if possible.


My math STAR assessment score in the fall was 853 my spring STAR assessment goal

score is 890 ,This means I Need a +37 overall change in my score for the year. Is

is my most current STAR score, which means I am at a level 4 with is above average



My reading STAR assessment score in the fall was 732 my spring STAR assessment

score goal is 790 this means I Need a +58 Overall change in my score for the year. This

is my most current STAR score, which means I am at a level 3 which is at average.


My current grade in humanitys is a B, My goal for this year is to be Produce clear and coherent writing in which the development, organization, and style are appropriate to task.
My current grade in math is a B+ . My goal for this year is to, increase the deepths of my under standing in skills.
My current grade in science is A-, my goal for this year is to get a 3/4 on the evidence
My grade in steam is a B+, my goal for this year is to not limit myself to just the minimum requirements of an assignment/project/presentation.

Work habits survey............

When I took the work habits servey my areas of success were all but two.

Area were I could grow were at the ending of class.

My goal is stay at 3's for the whole year in all categories.

I will make this goal by having grit and staying on task.

Employability servey...............

When I took the employability survey my areas of success were all besides two...

My areas were I could grow is making due dates and going over and beyond with class work.

I will obtain this by working harder with the time that I have in class.


I have not been invold in school activities, but hope to be in volleyball This Spring in 7th and hopefully 8th grade. I will be able to do this if i make the team and To do that i need to Practice at home and in the gym.

A topic I have concerns about in this school is newer kids not being able to make friend and being felt left out.

My plan to help decrease this is by incorporating others in to my group friends and getting to know them.

The message I hope to show is that you can be friends with anyone and your just as good as everyone else.

I hope to share this massage By making new friend you probably wouldn’t expect others to hang out with, and that mite influence others to do the same.


Do you have any questions about what I presented? Thank you for coming to my conference and listening to my accomplishments and progress made toward my goals.

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