My SLC By Nicolette brady

Hello and welcome to my conference, dad, this is mrs.chenoweth, mrs. chenoweth this is my dad, Chris


Thank you for taking the time to come to the Spring conference to follow-up on the goals that I set-up at the beginning of the year. Please make sure your cell phone is on “silent”. My Student-Led Conference is a chance for me to talk to you about my progress towards the goals I made in the fall. We will review the progress I have made toward the goals that I created for myself in all of my classes as well as the STAR assessment. I will also share the progress I’ve made toward my goals for the Work Habits survey taken in the fall. Please feel free to ask questions along the way or wait until the end.


My math STAR assessment score in the fall was 773 , my spring STAR assessment

score is 810 ,This means I had a +35 overall change in my score for the year. Is

is my most current STAR score, which means I am at a level 3



My reading STAR assessment score in the fall was 593 my spring STAR assessment

score is 656 this means I had a +63 Overall change in my score for the year. This

is my most current STAR score, which means I am at a level 2.



My current grade in Math is A-, my goal was

To become beter at rembering the names to the solving methed and to explain them better

I have met my goal in Math because

I've been practicing more on my homwork and Have been gettting better grades on the online test

I picked this piece of Best Works because

I got37-40 which is all A almost and a couple of Bs on a vary important test that show were we are in learning math, and because I was proud of being able to complete it in time correctly and under stand what we learned in the chapter 5, which was about unit rate and decimals along with precents.

My current grade in ELA/Humanities is B ,my goal was

To become better at wrighting Narratives

I have met my goal in ELA/Humanities because

I've Been wrighting more longer Story's and hav been Editing them to become more familiar with what they should look like.

I picked this piece of Best Works because

Because I got 8.6 out of a 12 points on this essay .i also was proud that I had found enough good resources to complete this essay on a novel called walk two moon, were we had to pick a topic and explain along with find evidence to back it up

My current grade in Science is A-, my goal was

To get better at Returning my homework and doing it corectly

I picked this piece of Best Works because

Because I spent a lot of time on it and ended up getting all As on it. Also because it was a super important to complete on time with the right facts and photos.

My current grade in , chior is a. my goal was,

To get better at remembering soulfeash and the lyrics to The songs that we hav been learning

I hav met my goals becuase we hav been learning more Easyier song which have not included much soulfeash

My Best Works For Chior Is The Sight Reading Test I Scored A 45 On 50 Point Test This Is My Best Works Becuse It Was Vary Hard To Complete In Time And To Get The Best Tone And Hit The Right Notes.

My grades for gym is a

And I'm passing Advisory.

I took a work habits assessment in the fall, my goal is to be meeting the
standards in all 7 criterion by the end of the year.

The first criterion I chose was to become better at saying on task I have

met this goal because I've learn how important the things we've learned in school Are.

The second criterion i chose was to have better attitud and to have more effort in class.

I hav met this goal because i'v been Paying more attention in class which then made me put more effort in my work becuase i know what I'm doing.


I have not been invold in school activities, but hope to be in volleyball next year in 7th grade.


Do you have any questions about what I presented? Thank you for coming to my conference and listening to my accomplishments and progress made toward my goals.


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