Desert Biome In north americA

Climate of Desert in North America (Mojave Desert)

Average Rainfall is 2-6 inches per year

In the summer, the average temperature is in the 100s and 90s at night, but in the winter it can go as low as 8 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Mojave Desert has all 4 seasons. The summer is particularly stormy and where they see the most rainfall.

Net Primary Productivity

The mojave Desert is found at around 35-36 latitude. It has a much lower average rainfall and net productivity than other biomes, yet takes up much more of the earths surface than more productive ones.

Soil Quality

The Mojave Desert features a biological soil crust, which means though it may look like dry soil, the top is actually made of rich living organisms. This makes a higher quality soil. However, the dry sandy nature of the desert means plants must have deep roots to avoid being swept away by wind. The dry sand also doesn't hold water as well as a rich soil in a more moist environment.

The Mohave Ground Squirrel lives in the Mojave Desert and is an endangered species. It is endangered because of its surplus of enemies and lack of resources( H in HIPPCO) The squirrel is only out during a couple months of the year and is hard to track.
Red Brome is invasive and contributes to wildfires and loss of habitat for native species. Red Brome is native to southern Europe.


Coyotes can run up to 40 mph and can eat anything they can swallow making them very successful in the desert.

The desert tortoise spends most of its time in shelters and under rocks during the intense heat to reduce water loss.

The mojave rattlesnake has the worlds most potent venom, making it an extreme predator in the desert.


The brittlebush has hairy leaves to protect it from extreme cold and heat.

The Joshua Tree is native and found only in Mojave Desert. It has spiky leaves and can grow up to 40 feet tall.

The common saltbush grows well in salty sandy soils, and is dominant in the Mojave Desert.

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