Glory and War

Direct Democracy : a from democracy in which all citizens can participate
Representative Democracy : a from of democracy in which citizens elected officials
Philosopher : a person who searches for wisdom or enlightenment
Accompany : to go with someone as companion
Sufficient: enough--------------Decade : a period of ten years


Created with images by djtansey - "IMG_6444.JPG" • saamiblog - "Read the text. A symbol of the eight fold path Arya Magga (the noble path of the dhamma) in early Buddhism. An intricate representation of the Dharmachakra, or Buddhist eight spoked Wheel. Dhamma or Dharma" • isawnyu - "Colonnade at Apamea, Syria" • tpsdave - "new mexico fall autumn" • Blok 70 - "Facades: Palacio Nacional, Mexico City" • Freeimages9 - "coin gold cash"

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