ALL ABOUT Rhinos! Henry


What has lungs and hair and live babies? A mammal. A mammal is a vertebrate. Mammals have a back bone and are warm blooded. A mammal can be small and big. What is bigger than a hippo but isn't a elephant? What has horns but is not a triceratop? It's a rhino!!


All rhinos have two horns, but the Indian rhino only has one horn. They are mammals. A rhino has short, thick post-like legs with each foot having three hooves. Rhinos are grazers and have a wide square-off muzzle with a soft upper lip and a hardened lower lip.


Rhinos are a herbivore. It eats leafy plants, branches,shoots, thorny wood bushes and fruit. A rhino is eating most of the time.


A rhino can live in Asia and India. It can also live in Africa. They live in grasslands and open savannas too. A grassland is a place with lots of grass. A savanna is like a desert.

Interesting facts/Life cycle

Rhinos can weigh more than 1000 kg. A rhino can live up to 35-40 years. Rhinos have live babies. They have one baby at a time. A rhino baby is called a calf.


Do not hurt these wonderful creatures God made. They are good for the community.


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