9 February 2017/13 SHEVAT 5777

Term 1 Week 2

Shabbat Commences 6.56pm/Shabbat Terminates 7.52pm

What makes Carmel PRIMARY School so special

The year has started perfectly. Feeling energised and refreshed from their extended break, our students have returned to Carmel eager and ready to learn.

If you walk through the gates of our Primary School l you will be greeted by smiling students, excited to tell you about who their teachers are, what they are learning and the activities they have planned with their friends for lunchtime or after school play dates.

There are many things that make Carmel Primary unique and the very best place to educate your child. In just the first week of 2017, the following have been unashamedly obvious;

• The physical environment is beautiful. Teachers have spent countless hours preparing their classrooms to make them inviting and stimulating. There is a delicate balance to be reached between ensuring that a classroom doesn’t contain too many distractions, including what is needed for student reference and creating a space that is warm, inviting and colourful. Our teachers have struck the perfect balance in their classrooms. Mrs. Lynda Fisher has painstakingly ensured that every inch of the Primary campus is perfect. The Kindy children will enjoy the use of a new shade sail over the sandpit, a change that was made so that the sand will remain clean while still providing sun protection for our littlies. If you ever have the time, please take a few minutes to see how your child’s teacher has set up the room. It will make you wish you were back in Primary all over again!

• Our teachers know our students. Handover between teachers has been thorough so from Day 1, the teachers know how to get the very best out of each and every child. We know that if students aren’t happy, they won’t learn. The Primary Management team spend time with teachers, talking through Individual Learning Plans and making sure that our students’ social and emotional well-being is taken care of. It takes a village to raise a child; and the Carmel ‘village’ is comprised of caring, dedicated teachers who see and care for each child’s individual needs.

• With a dual curriculum, time is our most precious commodity and teachers make sure they use every minute to promote learning. Our Prep students have already embarked on their literacy journey, learning the letter ‘S’ in their first week of school. Kindy teachers engage in meaningful conversations with their students, prompting them to problem solve, be creative with stories and imaginative play, investigate and discover interesting things about the world around them. Every activity is carefully chosen to promote knowledge and understanding.

• At any time, on any day, you can ask any Primary School student what they need to do to be effective and successful. They will be able to list and explain the ‘7 habits of highly effective people’ and give examples of how to use these principles in their everyday life. The program has built resilience in our children, encouraged their ability to work with others, problem solve and see the bigger picture. This program is something that sets Carmel apart and we thank Mrs. Fisher for having the foresight to bring it to Carmel and execute it in such an effective manner.

• There are wonderful leadership opportunities for our Primary students. Our Grade 6 student leadership is given enough scope, with appropriate guidance and structure to be able to make good decisions and really lead their fellow students in school wide activities. We can’t wait to see what they have in store for the upcoming swimming carnival!

Primary School is the beginning of the Carmel School journey and is the foundation of High school success.

As a Primary School parent I am thankful that my son is a beneficiary of this outstanding institution. I only wish he had started sooner…….

Shabbat Shalom,


Kabbalat Shabbat in Prep

The Prep 1 children had their first Kabbalat Shabbat with Morah Orli. They said the brachot, drank yayin and sang Shabbat songs.

News from the English Department

Extracurricular Offerings

This English department is facilitating three co-curricular opportunities this year, including two new activities. Students can learn more and sign up for any of the below activities by visiting the library this Friday at lunchtime.

Book Club

What is it all about?

Book club is a new offering this year. Through this activity we aim to encourage students to develop a love of reading for pleasure. Students will be able to choose books based on their interest and appropriate reading level. They will then get a month to read each book. At Book Club they will discuss what they have read with others students. The coordinator will facilitate this discussion.

Who would benefit?

Anyone who likes to read, who wants to read more, or anyone who likes to try new things.

What is the commitment like?

Book Club meets once per month; therefore, students are expected to read a book within a month’s time. Meetings will take place after school for an hour or less. Book Club is ongoing throughout the year. Students are not required to attend every month. They can join anytime; they simply need to check out the appropriate book from the library.

Who is it appropriate for?

All students are welcome. There will be separate books and discussions for upper and lower school.

Ted Ed Club

What is it all about?

The effect of laughter on someone who’s sad. The danger and excitement of dirt biking. The reason human beings need so much sleep. The thought of infinity.

These are just a few of the topics that students are exploring through TED-Ed Clubs. TED-Ed is a way to celebrate the ideas of students around the globe. Through TED-Ed Clubs, students — with the help of an adult facilitator — identify and research the ideas that matter to them most. And while TED-Ed Clubs offer students the opportunity to connect with others who, like them, are unabashedly curious about the world, TED-Ed Clubs are also about presentation literacy. TED-Ed Clubs offer students a hands-on opportunity to work on the storytelling and communication skills that will be vital, no matter what career path they end up strolling down. The ultimate goal is for students to create their own TED talk.

Who would benefit?

Anyone who has an idea they would like to share with others, anyone who wants to improve their speaking skills or confidence and anyone who likes telling stories.

What is the commitment like?

TED-Ed Club will commence at the end of Term 2, pending application approval. It will run until Term 4. Meetings will take place after school. We hope to launch the first evening of Carmel School TED Talks, where students in the club will present their ideas to an audience.

Who is it appropriate for?

Students must be at least 13 years old to participate.


What is it all about?

Carmel School competes in the Western Australian Debating League. WADL aspires to ensure all students have meaningful access to debating that encourages critical thinking, fosters engagement with global issues and equips students with lifelong skills and the confidence to pursue their potential. Students compete in teams of three and engage with a new topic each debate.

Who would benefit?

Anyone who likes talking, arguing, has opinions on topical issues and is a team player. It is also appropriate for anyone who wants to improve their speaking skills and learn how to structure and stylise their contentions for maximum effect.

What is the commitment like?

Debating primarily takes place in Term 2. Some preparation is required in Term 1. Students may continue to debate in Term 3 if they make the finals. Debates take place in the evenings. There are five debates in the preliminary rounds. Students typically prepare for debates during recess or lunch.

Who is it appropriate for?

There are three different divisions: Novice (Years 7 and 8), Junior (Year 9 and 10) and Senior (Years 11 and 12)

Getting to Know Mrs Jane Ward

Note: Each week we will feature a different English teacher.

What are you most enjoying about Carmel School so far?

I am enjoying the positive feeling around the campus along with the warm welcome from staff and students.

Why did you choose teaching as a career path?

I used to play being the teacher as a child but was not able to pursue this path when I left school. I did my degree as an adult and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Why English?

As a child I loved to read, although the choices available to me were limited. My love of literature was strengthened when I studied it at University.

What is your favourite book?

Alice in Wonderland!

What book are you reading now?

I have just finished reading Three Sisters, Three Queens by Philippa Gregory.

What are some of your favourite strategies to use in the classroom?

I like to use discussion either in groups or as a class, I also like to find opportunities for students to get up and move in the classroom and using the floor and walls to teach – this might sound weird!

Favourite colour?

Blue – I don’t why!

Favourite quote?

“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” – Marilyn Monroe

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

I’m going to keep that a secret!

Year 12 Visual Arts

The Year 12 Visual Arts students spent the morning out drawing objects representing urban life. They focused on from, proportion, and value.

Year 12 Human Biology

“We have dived right in to the brain for the start of the Year 12 Human Biology course. Students were able to identify the structures of the sheep brain similar to that of humans, and look for the locations of both white and grey matter in the brain and spinal cord.”

Congratulations Alexia!

Congratulations to our Year 2 teacher Alexia Ntoumenopoulos, who has been selected to present at the 2017 Graduate to Proficient Program for AISWA Early Career Teachers.

Alexia made a wonderful impression as a graduate herself, and now she will present and share her experiences as an early career teacher with the new graduates enrolled in the course.

We are proud of Alexia’s achievement and the positive impression that our Carmel School teachers make both inside and outside of the school.

Dorot Carmel News

Dorot Carmel on Habo Shnat meet up with Allison Spieser from Merchav Am, frequent guest to Perth with the JNF - that's what makes Carmel School so special!!"

AZYC Opening Seminar

Many of last years Year 12's are spending the year in Israel on Youth Movement Programmes. Here is a link to the You-tube video taken at the Opening of the AZYC Seminar


Applications Close FRIDAY 7 APRIL 2017

Who Can Apply?

Parent/Guardian who holds a Centrelink Family HealthCare Card, Centrelink Pensioner

Concession Card or Veterans’ Affairs Pension Concession Card who has student/s in Years 8-12 can claim the allowance up to and including the year the students turns 18 years of age.

Note: Card held must be current in first Term of school year.

To apply for the Scheme or to obtain more information

please make enquiry to Mrs Janine Myers, High School

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