November Project Optimizing and improving Hill horticulture's adwords account


Hill Horticulture is shifting focus from artificial grass to landscaping projects in the San Antonio area. In order to help, I evaluated the landscaping Adwords campaign we are running to see where we could make improvements.

Campaign Evaluation

I reviewed the Landscaping campaign to see where we could improve conversion rates.

Landscaping Ad Groups

Landscaping Ad Groups


More of the budget is allocated to Lawn Maintenance yet Landscaping terms result in higher clicks and conversions

Landscaping keywords cost less and yield a higher ROI with an average job costing around $15,000

The budget is too low for the amount of leads Hill wants a month

Landscaping Ads

Landscaping Ads


The mobile ads are performing well with a 4.27% CTR

The second desktop ad needs improvement to increase the CTR

Landscaping Devices

Landscaping Ad Devices


Mobile performs well but mobile bids are adjusted too low

Mobile is prominent - meaning the landing page needs to be mobile responsive

CTR is higher on mobile devices

Landscaping Keywords

Landscaping Keywords


Lawn maintenance words need to be moved into their own ad group or we need to create a separate landing page to help lower cost and increase CTR

We need to increase bidding for the search term "landscaping san antonio" so that we can have at least 90% of the impression share

We need to expand landscaping keywords

Action Plan

  1. Expand keywords for Landscaping search terms
  2. Increase mobile bidding budget
  3. Allocate at least 70% of the budget towards Landscaping terms
  4. Create a separate ad group for lawn maintenance with a separate landing page
  5. Create new 2 more ads for the campaign

Landing Page Evaluation

I reviewed the current landscaping page for any improvements

Previous Landscape Landing Page


No navigation - this helps from distracting traffic

The contact form stands out

There is a clear benefit "Get a Free Quote"

Landscaping details are presented


The telephone number is missing. This could mean potential leads are leaving because it's too much to fill out the contact form

The theme is extremely different from the website

The services link to the website, which distracts potential leads

Missing what makes Hill different from other landscapers in San Antonio

Contact form doesn't make someone want to fill it out

The information next to the contact form is somewhat busy and small.

New Landing Page Design

New Landing Page


The header now has a clickable phone number that is prominent for traffic to see. It is also a tracking number to help understand the type of leads generated from the Adwords campaign. The header has minimal content and focuses on getting traffic to fill out the contact form.

Muli-Step Contact Form

The new contact form is multi-step to help generate better leads for Hill Horticulture. It asks pre-qualifying questions to help the sales team give a better quote to the lead.


I minimized the amount of services displayed to keep it clean. I also didn't link the services to the main website. This helps to not distract traffic from the goal of filling out the contact form.


I used a lightbox (pop-up) to showcase a variety of landscaping jobs Hill Horticulture has done in the past. This helps show the quality and range of work they are capable of.


I added a review section to the landing page to help highlight the customer service that Hill Horticulture is known for.


I added a CTA's to the bottom - a button as well as a phone number - to help increase leads. This way traffic doesn't have to scroll all the way to the top of the landing page to make a decision.

Mobile Friendly

The landing page is mobile friendly because we do run Hill's Adwords on mobile devices. This will help with mobile conversion rates.

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