Guatemala Guatemala

This is my country report.

This the the traditional clothing in Guatemala. The girls wear a hair ribbon which is called a Cinta, they also wear a blouse called Huipl, a sash called Faja, a shawl called Rebozo, and they wear a skirt called Corte. The boys wear a Sombrero, carrying cloth called Tzute, a over skirt Caplxay, shirt called Camisa, and sandals which the call Sandalias

The traditional clothing is also the typical clothing.

Guatemala has a few SURPRISES in its climate , because the country is in Central America, most people assume it has a tropical climate; however, despite the tropical location, Guatemala's mountains alter the weather. While parts of the country have a climate typical of a tropical country, other areas actually see temperatures below freezing. So there for not all of Guatemala is a tropical area. I am suggesting that Guatemala is cooler than most of America.
This is the Guatemalan Flag. The details on the flag all have a special meaning. There is a scroll in the middle srounded by a coat of arms, a bird and olive branches. On the scroll it reads Libertad 15 de Septiembre de 1821. The colors also have their own meaning. The blue color on the flag is because Guatemala has water on both sides of it. The white stands for purity of the country's values and peace. The items in the middle are there to represent certain things. There are a total of cuatro or four iteams. First the coat of arms, the coat of arms stand for the willingness to defend themselves from war. Second the bird, the bird stands for independence and autonomy of the Nation, Third the olive branches, they stand for preferred peace.
These are pictures of the houses in Guatemala. These are picture of the nicer houses. There are houses that are less fancier than these ones. The first one looks like a single floor and a nice little home for a little family. The second home is double floor and is a really nice home for a family.
This is a picture of a population scale of Guatemala. Guatemala is not really populated but there are a lot of people. There are lots of people in some areas that is the really red parts, then the dark orange is the second most populated and the third most populated area is the light orange then the less populated area is the light yellow.
This is Guatemalan quetzal. This it the money in Guatemala. The money is Diez Quetzales or $1.36 in the United States dollar. 1 dollar in the United States is 7.34 quetzales. So there economy is not so good.
Guatemala is a democracy. The first man is the President of Guatemala. His name is President Jimmy Morales. The second man is the Vice President. His name is Vice President Jafeth Cabrera.
The Mayan civilization was among those that flourished in the region, with little contact with cultures outside Mesoamerica. The modern history of Guatemala began with the arrival of Spanish settlers in 1511.

The people in Guatemala speak Spanish.The majority of people in Guatemala are Hispanic, they speak Spanish and I think only Spanish. But I could be wrong.

A high percentage of Guatemala are into Roman Catholicism. The other two different religions are Pentecostalism, and Non-Religious. There a very little Non-Religions people in Guatemala. The others people are religious.
This is a map of Guatemala. You can see that there is water on two sides of Guatemala that is the reason that there is two blue lines on their flag. In the photo you can see all the different places in Guatemala.

The time there is the same as it is in the United States. There is no time difference so what ever time it is here it is there also.

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