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Eddie Smith, Author/Publisher, Conference Speaker

Many Christians today are saved, but not yet free. There IS an answer.

Eddie Smith has written 10 Steps to Freedom in his usual straightforward, easy to understand style to guide you through a step-by-step process that will help set you free from the wounds and hurts of the past, including unforgiveness, sinful habits, occult activity, and self-condemnation. In a style of his bestselling book Spiritual Housecleaning, you'll discover how to identify areas of bondage; break contracts with the enemy; cleanse and close the wound, and much more. Follow the steps to spiritual freedom, and you'll experience the victory Christ died to provide for you.

Chapter 1 - The Adventure Begins: How free are you? How badly do you want to be free? I'm constantly amazed that so many sincere Christians are living under the weight of false guilt from satanic accusation and self-condemnation. To break the enemy's grip, we must learn that our new life in Christ provides us with a new past, present, and future!

Chapter 2 - Mission Impossible! Living the Christian life isn't difficult, it's impossible! (I'll explain in this chapter.) You'll learn whether you're susceptible to Satan's lies about who you are, and why you may find it harder to forgive yourself than to forget others.

Chapter 3 - Four Stages of Christian Living: Although it made you right with God, your new birth didn't necessarily erradicate all of Satan's footholds. Here you'll discover what you should do about this. I'll share how four major events experienced by the children of Israel parallel the four major stages of our Christian development; and why you and I sometimes need to experience a spiritual wilderness.

Chapter 4 - Excess Baggage: "Excess baggage," such as having been involved with cults or the occult, or carrying ancesstral iniquity, or toting unresolved tramatic experiences, can prevent us from soaring in the heavenlies with Christ. They can't keep us from going to heaven, if we are truly saved; but they can certainly make us miserable on the journey. Learn how your experiences and even those of your ancesstors can affect your life. You are neither a victim nor a survivor--God says you are "more than a conqueror." Learn it, then live it!

Chapter 5 - The Call to Forgive: Forgiving others is critical to reaching spiritual maturity. I will show you why.

Chapter 6 - The Key to Forgiving: What is true forgiveness? How does it occur, and how can we know when it's complete? Here we will examine how to identify, cleanse, close, and medicate wounds until there is no longer any pain. And I will share how I always get even with those who offend me.

Chapter 7 - Making Things Right: We can't simply walk away from unresolved issues. Sometimes we must face them in Christ and begin to make amends for what we have done. This is about cleaning up the past so we can walk into the future!

Chapter 8 - Shedding My Graveclothes: When Lazarus was raised from the dead, Christ instructed his friends to remove his graveclothes. Now that you've been "raised from the dead" by being born again, I'll explain how you can remove your spiritual graveclothes. You no longer need to be hindered by false guilt and self-sabotage.

Chapter 9 - Making Restitution: When Repenting Isn't Enough: Many are surprised to learn that repenting isn't always enough. Often we must make restitution for our past sins if we are to break the enemy's grip on our lives and enjoy freedom in Christ.

Chapter 10 - Taking the 10 Steps to Freedom: It's time for you to begin to enjoy your new life in Christ. Here are the 10 Steps required to break Satan's grip; you'll also find them useful to break the hold of self-condemnation and false guilt. If you take these steps seriously and don't rush them, you will find remarkable liberty in Jesus!

APPENDIX A: How To Be Born Again

APPENDIX B: Cults, the Occult, and False Religions

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