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Red demon

By:Joey Gilligan

Red demon is small, but don’t judge, red demon may be small but he is fast,agile and slick.

I’m building it for the fun of the project and to win. The purpose of the project was to see who would win and challenge your creativity skills. We had many of the goals was to have a good well thought out bot that was used with creativity.our second one was to have a good essay on the project which would be this. Our bot is the best because our’s is the most fast,agile and slick. Red demon is the most agile,slick,deadly one of them all and should be feared.

Red demon is the most agile. This bot is agile because it is small. It is also agile because it had the right amount of weight added on it. It can go 10 miles per hour. Red demon is obviously the second fastest.

Red demon is the most agile,slick, and fastest and should be feared. Red demon is one of the very few that is slick. It can operate impressively smooth and effortlessly well. Experts would more than likely love red demon. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have a slick bot? Well,i’m the guy to ask.i can also prove red demon is slick because of how the way of the bot is shaped and the length and width of the bot. That is how red demon is obviously one of the most slick bots in the class.

Red Demon is deadly because he has spikes. for example it has spikes.It has sharp spikes. the spikes are long and sharp. Red Demon is the deadliest bot in the class.

Red demon is the most smooth,deadly,and agile and should be demon is second fastest and can move at high demon is the most smooth. Red demon is the most lethal. This is how red demon is the best.

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