Middle School Partnership Program (MSPP) powered by Philadelphia Youth Basketball

MSPP is a comprehensive after school program, which combines academic enrichment, basketball skill development, and positive coaching and mentorship to empower young people as students, athletes and positive leaders in their community.

Key Aspects

  • 20 weeks
  • 12 Title I Philadelphia Public Middle Schools
  • Over 200 participants
  • Positive coach-mentors, social & emotional learning, basketball & academics

Data Collected

  • Attendance
  • Grades
  • SEL Growth
  • Program experience feedback
"I really love PYB because I've grown a strong bond with my coaches and teammates."


  • MSPP student-athletes attended 56% of program days
  • 20% of our student-athletes attended 75% or more program days
  • 85% of available program days were attended at Ziegler student-athletes
At Philadelphia Youth Basketball, we believe that the core skills and competencies above underlie all of life’s traditional measures of success.
"PYB is fun and you learn a lot about basketball, but not only basketball. You learn about life."

At PYB we pride ourselves on continuous growth for our student-athletes. Throughout the 2020 Middle School Partnership Program, student-athletes reported that they grew in a variety of ways.

  • 94% of PYB student-athletes said they were inspired by academic component of programming
  • 96% of student-athletes said that they loved programming
  • Growth, gameplay, and bonding with coaches were participants’ top 3 favorite aspects of programming
  • 97% of participants said they made a new friend through PYB
  • 94% formed a stronger bond with at least one of their teammates


One of PYB's core values is to support not only our student-athletes, but those from similar communities and circumstances as the kids whom we serve -- these are our coach-mentors. PYB coach-mentors are able to deepen and broaden their leadership knowledge, dispositions and skills to most effectively drive our youth development AND community empowerment mission, while connecting with deserving young people as coach-mentors.

“Working with PYB was everything that I have expected. Working with the kids has been a great process. Being able to work with an organization that cares about youth development and the community has been amazing.”
Photographs from our 2020 Middle School Partnership Program