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Population of about 2.2 million, Qatar is a small country that borders Saudi Arabia. The island lies between latitudes 27 and 24 degrees North, and longitudes 50 and 52 degrees East. The main body of water that surrounds it is the Persian Gulf, but to the Southeast, is the Inland Sea. Doha, the capital, holds a lot of Qatar's inhabitants. Out of the 2.2 million people, Doha's population is about 800,000. Considering this is a very small country, it can hold a large amount of people.

Map of Qatar

Historical Information

Qatar Flag

Humans have been living on Qatar for about 50,000 years. They have been ruled by four countries within the last 1,000 years. Finally, in 1971, they gained independence. Their flag, Al-Adaam, was adopted in 1971, right before they gained independence. The 9 edges that separate the maroon and white mean that Qatar was the 9th country to become a member of the 'Reconciled Emirates'.


Qatar Money

Qatar's culture is based off of the Bedouin culture, which is a sea-based culture. Folk music is the most popular genera of music. Since Qatar is in the Middle East, they follow the Islam religion. All of the holidays they celebrate are Islamic holidays, except for Qatar National Day which is on December 18. Men in Qatar wear headdresses with thawbs (a long white shirt) and loose pants. Women wear long black dresses, which are called abayas. They also cover their faces.


Qatar Petroleum Logo

Qatar's economy isn't as good as it has been in the passed because of the lower oil prices. Petroleum and natural gas make up of about 70% if the government revenue. So, when the rest of the world doesn't need as much gas, Qatar's economy drops. The US dollar is exchanged for 5.82 Qatari Riyals, which means that a dollar is a lot more valuable than a Riyal. In 2015, Qatar made $166.9 billion off of industry.

Things to do

Popular Beaches and the Summer Festival

Qatar is mainly known for their nice stores and shopping malls. Also, they have many beaches along the coast for swimming. If someone isn't interested in swimming or shopping, Qatar is opening new museums for art, photography, and sports. The government is hoping the new museums will attract in many new tourists. In 2022, Qatar is hosting the soccer World Cup that thousands of people will go to. There are definitely many things to do in Qatar!

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