Alexander the great by: Tyquen Fain

about Alexander

  • Born in Pella, Macedonia
  • Tutored by the Greek philosopher, Aristotle
  • His father Philip was king of Macedonia and had conquered the Greek city states during his 27 year reign
His father

Alexander rules

  • Philip was murdered in 336 B.C by and assassin... maybe hired by his wife, Olympia

So alexander was only 20 when he became king of Macedonia

Alexander’s Vision

Alexander moved quickly to fulfill his father’s dream – The conquest of the Persian Empire!

The Conquest Begins– 334

  • His army totaled 37,000 Greek and Macedonian men. 5,000 of which were cavalry.
  • Darius III, king of Persia, called forth a massive multinational army to meet the invaders. Estimates range from 200,000 to one million soldiers

Story of Bucephalus

  • Horse that couldn’t be tamed
  • Alexander soothed the horse and turned him so that he didn’t see his own shadow
  • Alexander and Bucephalus were connected until the horse’s death

The Conquests of Alexander

  • Freed Ionian Greek cities - 333 BCE
  • Palestine, Syria, & Egypt 332 BCE
  • The Battle of Gaugamela 331 BCE

Alexander was still not satisfied!!!!!!!!

For the next three years, Alexander moves east and northeast.

-Afghanistan & Pakistan

In 326 BCE, Alexander moves into India.

- Series of a hard fought campaigns

- Macedonians refuse to go any farther

alexander death

Alexander’s army returned to Babylon, where he dies in June 323 BCE of wounds, fever, and too much alcohol.

  • His empires were broken into three kingdoms the Macedonian (Antigonid), the Seleucid, and the Ptolemaic

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