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The deeper I think the more forms of power I can come up with. There are four categories of power that I have came up with; physical, mental, rank, and financial. Physical power is attained by working out and building up your muscles, mental power is attained by making yourself wiser by reading and doing knowledgeable activities that improve your mental strength, human rank power is attained by becoming above people such as becoming a teacher, coach, judge, principle, police officer, chief, or boss, and financial power is simply attained by making loads of money and saving it as well. I believe that it is human nature to want power.

Depending on the circumstances people can react to those in power positively and negatively. If they respect those in power and if those in power are not taking advantage of their job than it is easier for those under the person in power to react positive. Such as listening to your coach and doing the drills they ask you to do, or not talking when your teacher is teaching a lesson, or by doing your job at work without complaining after your boss has added more jobs to your list for the day because someone went home sick. Those in power sometimes take advantage of their abilities and the people below them don’t respect them as much and react to them more negatively. Such as disturbing the class in the middle of the lesson, yelling at their bosses and calling them rude names, or by just leaving and not doing anything.

I think our perspective on those in power is the main factor that influences how we react to those in power. Some people take advantage of the power they have attained and react negatively while others use their power for good and react positively.

It’s different for some people because it depends on their perspective on power, life, and just who they are as a person. If they don’t value power as much they won’t make a big deal our of it and react to it without much of a change. If they have a positive view on life they have a higher tendency to want to use their power for the greater good which flows into the person they are and shows others who they really are.

Our society is a judgemental society whether we want to admit it or not. The decisions we make influence how others see us because the decisions we make are what they see through their eyes and it build up their perspectives on us.Decisions we make influence how we see ourselves because we will reflect on them and if we make a bad decision we tend to look at ourselves negatively but if we make a good decision we look at ourselves in a positive way.

It is possible to redeem one’s self after a bad decision. No decision alone makes you a good or bad person but it is how you deal with the result of the decision that reveals your true character. You can redeem one’s self after a bad decision by making things right by asking for forgiveness if necessary, fixing things, asking for help, or simply just not making that decision again and working harder and making your own self improvements.

Injustice is the lack of fairness or justice. There are two routes that people can take when reacting to injustice. You can either go down one road being mature and responsible or go down another irresponsibly while being immature. Taking the responsible, mature road may look like nodding and agreeing to disagree. It may look like walking away and coming back to the problem when you took time to calm down and think about it or just walking away in general. Reacting to injustice responsibly while being mature may be holding a protest and making sure it does not get out of hand. Some people may raise awareness about the injustice they have seen or have been given and make a movie, song, or post something on social media without bashing, putting down, or saying rude things. While some may react responsibly while being mature when injustice is in their life most of our society will react rudely, irresponsibly, and become very immature. Our society will complain and post nasty Facebook posts about the injustice. They will argue and yell and say rude things towards the person who has shown them injustice. Some will participate in riots and destroy property. When things lack fairness or justice it sucks but it shows integrity, courage, and maturity if you respond respectfully, maturely, and the proper way. Doing this does not mean that you are okay with injustice but it shows that you can be the bigger person and deal with injustice without being just like the person that has shown you injustice.

I think there are two main things that influence our reactions to injustice. They are our personality and the circumstances of the injustice. Our personality is a big factor because if you are mature, responsible, understanding, and have integrity you will respond better compare to someone with a rude, irresponsible, not understanding, and immature personality. Depending on the circumstances of the injustice played a big role in our reactions as well. Injustice could be as small as your sibling getting two cookies and you only getting one. Your reaction to that injustice will be small compared to other circumstances of injustice. An example of injustice today that should lead to a big reaction to it is the fact that in India children are actually sold on the side of the streets in cages.

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Empathy affects our views of people and our reactions to them because if you are an empathetic person you have the tendency to be more caring and understanding and can try and relate to them and what they are going through. Empathetic people seem to be more welcoming and accepting of other people. They are more social, they make an effort to build up relationships with people and don’t belittle the problems people face in their own lives no matter what they are. Empathy is connected to struggles and suffering because empathy is the understanding and sharing of struggles and sufferings.

Stories, poetry, media, and drama build our empathy and compassion for others when they bring in true stories, bring pain and suffering into the plot lines, and by putting dramatic music in. The choice of words they use is a big way they build our empathy and compassion for others as well as showing graphic true scenes of people suffering and struggling.

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