SUBSCRIBER SURPRISE DAY DSO kicks off the start of their 2018-2019 Season with a special subscriber surprise

As summer winds down and everyone at Orchestra Hall looks toward the upcoming 2018-2019 Season, Max the Bear decided to visit a few lucky subscribers and remind them how much their patronage means to our community-supported orchestra!

If we can say one thing about Max, it’s that he loves patrons. It’s no easy feat for a 6-ft-tall bear, with head-to-paw fur, to squeeze into a car on a 90-degree August day in order to deliver tickets (and joy), yet his determination did not waver.

A huge grin spread across the face of Classical and Jazz subscriber John Bishop as he rounded the corner from his back yard and spotted Max. John had hugs for everyone in Max’s entourage and told Max, “I would have worn a suit if I knew you were coming!”

At the Hershey home, subscribers to both Classical and Pops, Harvey Hershey declared himself to be the longest-attending DSO patron, telling Max about his solo trips downtown to attend concerts as a 10-year-old in 1942.

When he saw Martha Ottolini from the car, Max immediately recognized her, as Martha is a Classical, Pops, and Family subscriber - and an attendee at every patron loyalty event! Martha couldn’t wait to tell her grandson Corbin about the surprise visit from Max and made sure the photographer snapped enough shots to get Max’s good side.

Although Raegan was initially afraid when she spotted a giant bear outside of her grandmother’s house, she quickly warmed up when she remembered seeing Max at Tiny Tots concerts last season. Raegan and her grandmother Charlene Guinyard (pictured on the porch) are new Family subscribers.

August 13, 2018

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