I Guess You Didn't Have Enough Napkins Justin Grelck

Every night I work at one of the little sub shop in my town, Subway. I can say that cause there is really only two sandwich places here and subway is one of them. Anyway at my shop I gotta deal with customers everyday, and boy it annoys me when after I am done making the customer's sandwich, after I gave them their napkins and rang them up, the customers grab more napkins. Every time they do this it nearly kills me, I mean I get trained for this sorta thing giving right napkins and all, and ya oughta think the customers trust ya right? Well they go and grab another handful of napkins, then go and sit down at their table. Now it isn't a too much of a bother when they reach for more napkins, but what really kills me is when they leave, and I got to clean up the table. There are napkins all over the table. I swear that if I didn't want to keep my job then I would go and yell at who ever leaves all these napkins--I would I swear it-- but that would result in my job being taken. The worst part? I have to then go around and pick up all those unused napkins that the customers took. And then those are thrown away, yup even if there is nothing on these napkins the customers "used" them so they are unfit for reuse. So realize that, next time you're going to grab some extra napkins--even after I already gave you some-- take them home.


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