Drunk Driving Prevention By Josh Poole

Drunk drivers often do not realize how intoxicated they are when they begin driving. Therefore, stricter regulation of drunk driving penalties is needed to better protect motorists. Ignition interlocking devices would decrease the number of drunk driving accidents.

Drunk driving often leads to serious injury and death. The drunk driver involved is usually not hurt too badly. Often times, the people in the cars that are hit are more seriously injured than the intoxicated driver. Cases have been recorded where the drunk driver survived terrible crashes with only minor cuts and bruises.
Any driver with a BAC (blood alcohol content) of .08 or higher is legally drunk. Maryland only requires convicted drivers who were heavily intoxicated to get an ignition interlocking device installed in their cars. Any drunk driver is dangerous; however, some are more dangerous than others.

The more alcohol an individual consumes, the more intoxicated that individual becomes. The more alcohol in an individual's bloodstream, the more impaired that individual becomes. Impairment often consists of blurred vision, slowed reflexes, and slurred speech.

Because Maryland state legislation does not require all drunk drivers to get an ignition interlocking device installed, people are being involved in needless and preventable accidents. If all drunk drivers were required to get an ignition interlocking device installed, there would not be repeat offenders.


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