Top 10 Favorite Things By: Ivan Tadiaman

Yugioh! is my favorite card game. It has many cards, each with their own unique artwork and effects. There are countless strategies to discover and create, making every round of Yugioh! different from the rest! Below are some of my favorite monster cards:

Assassin's Creed is my favorite video game series. Each game has some flaws, but each and every one has an expansive world to explore and characters to meet. Below are some of the assassins:

Eminem. 'Nuff said. Now go listen to him.

Pit Bulls. They're not vicious, just misunderstood.

MELEEEEEEEEEEE- oh I'm sorry. Since I can't explain my feelings for this game, just watch a combo video of Melee.

I love rice vermicelli dishes. The noodles by themselves taste 'meh', but if cooked with varieties of toppings and ingredients, it would make you become Pac-Man.

Graphics in a video game are useless if the game isn't fun in any way. The Gamecube has games That are fun despite the graphics, and are quite nostalgic.

Guacamole + Chips = :D

I Like Skateboards. I scraped my hand pretty bad after my first time riding one though...

Laser tagging is like a war, but with lasers and no blood. That's great!

These are my 10 favorite things and I hope you like them too and might actually try them out! (Except for the pit bulls, that would be weird... Go adopt one instead!) So like Barack Obama said...

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