Thank you! School board members share their hopes and memories with our staff

This month, I want to acknowledge seven volunteers from our community who serve to make our schools better every day. Our Board of Directors come from a range of backgrounds and bring their own passions and interests to their work — the one thing that they have in common is a deep passion for helping serve our students and schools. I am grateful to work alongside them and for the dedication and commitment they each show to our schools.

I hope you'll take a moment to read a bit more about our school board members. You can help share your appreciation by introducing yourself to the board, saying 'Hello' when they come visit and offering your thanks.

Happy New Year to each of you! I am excited for the coming year and how we can continue to work together to serve students.

Shay Mikalson, Superintendent

Julie Craig

My wish for staff for the new year

My wish for our staff this upcoming year is peace. Peace of mind, peace in the classroom, peace at home. Thank you for always taking care our ALL our kids! Don't forget to take care of yourself. You are appreciated.

My favorite teacher

My favorite teacher was Mr. Denbrook. He taught art at Lakeview High School. I loved art class! I appreciate that Mr. Denbrook let me explore my creativity without any "boxes." Not only was he my teacher, he was a friend. Mr. Denbrook made class fun and engaging and definitely a highlight of my four years in high school.

Carrie McPherson Douglass

My wish for staff members for the New Year

I truly believe that teachers and support staff have the most difficult, and the most important, jobs in our country. As a former teacher, I know how exhausting it is to try to be everything to dozens of kids every day - teacher, coach, nurse, counselor, role model, cheerleader. I don't believe our society understands or values what our educators do every day. So, my wish for you is that you feel appreciated and that you have the tools you need to feel successful. So many of our students depend on YOU to help them reach their potential in life. Wow. When you think about it, that is pretty intense. Our students depend on you, and you depend on us - the District leadership and Board - to advocate for you and support you.

My favorite teacher

One of my favorite teachers was my high school choir teacher at Bend High - Quinn Van Paepeghem. He made music, and school in general, feel meaningful and connected to the real world. The choir room was always open - before school, during lunch, after school - and was a welcoming and safe place to learn and have fun. He took us on trips to see the best college jazz choirs to give us something to reach for. He held us to very high expectations and we rose to the occasion. He incorporated math and reading and history and social sciences into music, and perhaps most importantly, he made learning fun.

Ron Gallinat

My wish for staff members for the new year

My wish for the staff is to have an awesome 2019 and to know that your dedication and hard work in educating our students is greatly appreciated by all!

My favorite teacher

My favorite teacher was Ms. Sandifer, who was my orchestra teacher in middle school. She took the time to make sure each student felt like they were a very important part of each performance. When any of us needed some extra help with a piece of music she took the time and was always very encouraging.

Cheri Helt

My wish for staff for the new year

I hope that you feel appreciated and that your work is rewarding. I hope you are able to see the growth that you are helping provide for all students. I hope you are able to realize the positive difference you are making in students' lives by going the extra mile — and how students will find that effort meaningful for the rest of their lives.

My favorite teacher

It is hard for me to pick just one educator because all of the people that take the time to teach our youngsters are inspirational to me. It really takes a village and I'm grateful to everyone who helped me along the way.

Andy High

My wish for staff for the new year

My biggest wish is that our staff feel reduced stress and that they are excited about coming to work everyday. I also wish for each staff member to have one golden day where everything goes perfect and according to plan.

My favorite teacher

My favorite teacher was my fifth grade teacher Mr. Hodge from Henly Elementary School. He had a positive attitude and kept us in line pretty well. He wasn't afraid to step in and help and he taught us to respect each other and respect those we partnered with (and he loved Kansas State).

Peggy Kinkade

My wish for staff for the new year

For the 2019 Oregon Legislature to significantly increase our state's investment in education! Our staff can better serve every student if we lighten the load of the adults in direct, daily contact with students.

My favorite teacher

One of my favorites was my seventh-grade math teacher, Mr. Beveridge (he liked to refer to himself as "Dr. Pepper") at Helena Junior High School. He seemed to have been teaching forever and the walls of his room were lined with old yearbook photos and jars of specimens preserved in formaldehyde. He would occasionally, randomly, show an old black and white pole vaulting video. I enjoyed him as a teacher because he had an enthusiasm for students, math and teaching. I had his class right after lunch, but never felt sleepy because he brought so much energy to class. He made math fun.

Dr. Stuart Young

My wish for staff for the new year

My wish is that every staff member - both teaching and classified staff members - have all the resources necessary so they can continue to be positive and do what they can to help the individual learning needs of every child.

My favorite teacher

Mr. Richardson, my fourth-grade teacher in Englewood, was my favorite. He was so systematic and tough that everyone followed directions to a T. We were concerned how he would react, but what impressed us all is that we knew he cared about each one of us as individuals.

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