"Franklin D. Roosevelt" By Robert Green November/December Ar biography activity

"Roosevelt clutched the podium to steady himself on his lifeless legs that were supported by steel braces."(p. 10)

Based an the context clues, the word "clutched" means gripped tightly

"When the weather was bad, he spent hours poring over his stamp collection."(p.14)

Based on the context clues, the word "poring" means to study closely.

"The Groton School was an elite preparatory school for the sons of prominent Americans."(p.16)

Based on the context clues, prominent means excellent or to stand out.

"County chairman Edward E. Perkins was an Episcopalian and was very religious."(p.32)

Based on the context clues, Episcopalian refers to a member of the Episcopal Church.

"He refused to become an invalid and, instead would often throw his head back with his usual boisterous laugh."(p.51)

Based on the context clues, boisterous means loud and obnoxious .

"Roosevelt, who was reelected for a second term as governor in 1930, won the admiration of New Yorkers during the depression."(p.62)

Based on the context clues, admiration means to like something or someone.

"Roosevelt had never agreed with the wave of American isolationism that followed World War One."(p.85)

Based on the context clues, isolationism means to avoid political and economic relations with other countries.

"The spark was back, and so, too, was the jovial fighting spirit"(p.104)

Based on the context clues, jovial means to be happy or joyus.

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