Sacred Song By Katie Orillion

Though music used to be one of the key components in our worship during all school mass, recent masses have been silent. Priests parade up the isle with the crucifix unaccompanied, and the psalms are spoken without melody. Although this may be the result of students not wanting to sing in mass, there are many benefits to continuing to play music during worship.

The entrance procession

One of these benefits is the added worship that the music provides, through singing or listening. In fact, St. Augustine once said, “To sing is to pray twice.” If we bring music back into mass, those who enjoy singing can give their talents to God, and those who would prefer not to can benefit from the message and mood of the songs. In addition, some regular All Saints parishioners join us at all-school mass, and they should be allowed to sing along if they want to worship that way.

Music also creates an atmosphere of reverence that we should adopt in mass. As the most distracted generation, it can be difficult for students’ minds to stay focused in the silence, rather than drifting off and away from the reason we attend mass in the first place. Music helps remind students of the reverence we should have before God and helps them concentrate on prayer and worship.

Additionally, hearing the choir sing at mass is one of the few opportunities students have to hear what they have been working so hard on. Many students struggle to find the time to attend choir concerts between extracurriculars and homework, and mass presents an opportunity to showcase their talent in front of the student body.

Without music, mass feels a little less personal and a little more disconnected. It is harder for students to keep their minds on the Lord when surrounded by silence, and the lack of music robs many of their favorite way to worship. Bringing music back would help bolster student excitement surrounding all-school mass and allow everyone a better path to the Lord.


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