Quick Tips For Event Planners How to work with your production partner to make your event a success

A production partner can make or break the event of your dreams. Here are some tips for the best ways to engage with them.Bring them in early:

1. Bring them in early.

It is common practice to do all the front-end work for a meeting or event and then turn to your production partner in the final stages of planning. In order to get the best value and service, bring them in as early as you can. There are so many decisions that take place in the planning process that can drastically affect what your production partner can bring to the table. Some of your best ideas may not work for various technical reasons (such as ceiling height). Wouldn’t it be nice to determine that as soon as

2. Be open about your budget:

This knowledge gives your production partner the ability to provide the most value for your investment in order to meet or exceed your expectations. The environment’s look and feel has a lot to do with this level of transparency. Just like building a house, the décor elements for the interior of your home will be selected based on what your budget will allow. Similarly, with a trusted AV partner, they will provide the best solution and service for the price point your client can afford. This creates alignment and establishes a stronger relationship.

3. Introduce them to your other partners:

Depending on the scope of the project, there are likely several vendors that come together to execute the project. Connect them early. If this happens on-site, there can be challenges that prevent critical deadlines from being met. (For example: scheduling issues, logistical challenges, and, in some situations, ideas that don’t fit together). It’s important that all key players collaborate ahead of time to achieve the desired outcome for the client. This will help to alleviate any on-site surprises or challenges.

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