The Wonders of Fort Canning By: Lim jun yong, Lim xuan wei, lam en qing & Chen HOu yu (Honorable mention)

Fort Canning park is filled to the brim with various places of interest for tourists to admire. Take the Gothic Gates pictured above, for example. Built in 1846, the letters above both gates, "IHS" are Iota, Eta and Sigma, the first three letters of the Greek word for Jesus.
DId you know? The Fort Canning Centre used to be the barracks of the British Army in the 1920s to protect British interests in Southeast Asia. Nowadays, it is a tourist spot for those who wish to know more about Fort Canning and its mysteries.
A remnant of the fortress that once occupied Fort Canning Hill, the Fort Canning Gate served two purposes: to protect Singapore from a sea-borne attack, and to give Singapore's European population a place of refuge in the event of local disturbances.
Take a moment to stop and look at Raffles' House, built on Government Hill on his third and final visit to Singapore. It has lasted through many years of history, and is still standing strong today.
The Keramat Iskandar Shah is a sacred place dedicated to Iskandar Shah, the ruler of 14th century Singapore. However, this is thought to not be Iskandar Shah's actual tomb as no evidence of burial had been found.
Fort Canning Green was believed to once be a graveyard for some 600 Christian graves. However, the only graves left now are at the at the far end of the area, with some being removed and set into the walls surrounding the Green.
Marvel at the craftsmanship of these 9-pound cannons, a pair of cannons built to fire 9-pound balls. A decorative cannon that was not used in combat, it was fired three times a day at 5 a.m., 1 p.m., and 9 p.m. to announce the hour. It was also fired as a salute and warning of town fires.
In conclusion, Fort Canning Park is a truly unique place, proving a calm and serene atmosphere one would not be able to find in the bustling cities of Singapore. Its architecture has lasted through many years, and shall continue to stand strong for many more to come.

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