Fortnite Social Media Portfolio Stephanie Miller

Fortnite World Cup 2019


  • 3+ years working with professional Fortnite player, Bizzle, in his transition from a free agent in 2018, to a former signed Ghost Gaming member to a current FaZe Clan player.
  • In-person coverage at Fortnite LAN tournaments since 2018 as well as virtual tournaments.
  • Social media collaborations with client's sponsors, organizing social media plans with them.
  • Fortnite Caster for NACL (North American Collegiate League) sponsored tournaments.
  • Fortnite streamer and player, knowledgeable about the game since its inception in 2017.
  • Marketing and Social Media Assistant for Ohio State Esports during the program's start at the university.

Social Media Examples

Instagram: @fazebizzle

This is my clients Instagram bio filled with matching story icons and organized by specific groupings.
Instagram story layout
Instagram story follower engagement strategies. I like including these participation functions in order to track follower engagement.

TikTok: @fazebizzle

FaZe Bizzle's TikTok profile started by me in April 2020.
The more I learn about Tiktok the more likely I am to create videos that have higher viewership, I do this by following specific TikTok trends and incorporating Bizzle's clips into them. I also encourage my client to do in-person TikToks and send him examples of TikTok trends that I believe his followers would enjoy watching him do. I enjoy when he does this because it creates a deeper connection with his fans being able t see hime since he doesn't normally do face cams on his stream.

Ohio State Esports Marketing and Social Media Assistant September 2019 to April 2020

For most of our social media posts, we used Hootsuite in order to plan Twitter posts ahead of time for specific times and days. Our goal was to have a scheduled social media layout set-up done a week in advance for that particular week.

At the start of the program, it was my job to research other collegiate/professional esports accounts to figure out which direction we wanted to go for our graphics. This was one of the presentations I put together for the team to figure out what we liked/disliked about certain accounts.

In addition, I created excel analytic tracking sheets every month to watch growth trends and learn which posts had the most engagement.