Book Crossing Gifted awareness week event

What's it all about?

Are you, or someone you know, an avid reader? Let's share the joy of reading with others around New Zealand and the world!

This Gifted Awareness Week (12-18 June, 2017) we want to flood the country with books that are free to travel in the wild to be enjoyed by book lovers and soon to be book lovers everywhere! How? By using Book on to find out more!

What does it involve?

  • Sharing an old loved book of yours for others to read (with the bonus of making some space and having one less thing to tidy up when you are nagged about having a messy room to tidy!)
  • Seeing where your shared book travels, seeing how other readers rate the book and what they think of it as they log into your books online Book Crossing journal.
  • Finding your own Book Crossing book to read! You can search up on the Book Crossing website to see what other books have been released into the wild in your area that you can try to find.

How to Participate

  1. Scrummage around at home and choose a book you own and enjoyed reading but that you no longer read or want. (Kids, please check with your parents/caregiver first!)
  2. Make a free account with Book Crossing. (Kids, please ask your parents/caregiver first).
  3. Register your book and make a journal entry for it.
  4. Print out and attach, or write on , the necessary information including the books unique Book Crossing code, inside the book's cover. (Scroll to the bottom of the page of the "write on" link to find the text to write.)
  5. Write #NZGAW New Zealand Gifted Awareness Week Book Crossing inside the book cover too.
  6. Release your book out in the wild! Find somewhere public but out of the weather - perhaps a local library, on a bus seat, a cafe...the possibilities are endless!
  7. Follow your book's journey online by reading the journal entries for it by selecting 'My bookshelf' from the 'Home' tab and clicking on your book's title.

Encourage others to get involved too by sharing the link to this information.

Created By
Vanessa White

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