A JOBLESS MIND Never think you know it all already, For it takes a life time and long lasting process If really we are to arrive in style. In life, we never stop learning maybe This is one simple reason why it always seems Unclear to picture that which actually is The cause of certain actions in- around us. Everyday situation lives us voiceless and Many a times speechless as well, Easy to say But hard to comprehend.

A Jobless mind strives for a life time
Mauthausen, Concentration camp

Life most a times can be so rare, obviously it get to a certain stage in which man becomes discourage and often refuse any sort of comfort or rather encouragement from those he calls love ones.

For some, the secret of living in a state in which you hardly lack comes with strong determination and most a times with hard work. While for others it’s just a question of luck. Luck to succeed, luck to overcome and conquer easily. by such, They find things quite easy and are able to afford that which they lack or rather, desire within short time.

Life at is early stage is always smooth and fun filled with generous taught towards everyone we do come across with. until it finally turns around into a kind of hardship which most every human born by human must encounter in quest to succeed or rather survive once we turn certain age. Thereby, undergoing worries, pains, and most a times delusion of all kind, depression of whatsoever.

For every single individual we come across with out there, he or she have in mind different strategy to put in place in considering how to achieve breakthrough in life. But the big question we should ask ourselves is; what if the plan find it difficult in getting to sunlight? What then is going to be of us? Despite all our effort, time and dedication to ensure that these plans of ours are completely utilized and realised. what then are we expected to do in other to fix things right ! should we just stand and stay firm while keep hoping for a miracle and a change? There might be a solution somewhere somehow, maybe near or a far! Yes a solution at all cost!

Even when others might have all kind of taught towards our decision in striving for success.

Many a times the opinions of people concerning our lives and decision are countless for the simple fact that our destiny shouldn’t depend that much on peoples taught, but rather it ought to depends on that decision which we have taken and stand firmly upon.

It may seems so hard to predict what the future hold at stake for once future, at the same time is not an easy thing to take a definite decision on ones destiny. however, that which make the difference is how solid, strong and concrete these decisions are, will surely determine ones tomorrow. Friends and family initially see these changes in us differently. Thereby, as a result they find it difficult in accepting and understanding that which we have decided upon. Some also may make mockery of our situation or rather our present status saying all kinds of negative things about us, even before our very presence in as much as behind close door. nevertheless, we should learn to cultivate the habit of believing that the best is still to come even in our hopeless state. We shouldn’t be the type that do give up to circumstances easily. In other words, we shouldn’t be easily carry away while we continue fervently in hoping that the best is still to come. that wonderful dream we once had that may eventually take so long before finally arriving will one day showcase. Our trust should grow stronger and stronger each day no matter what! We ought to embrace courage at every given situation and moment while passion for our talents should grow along as every single day passes by. Not only in our youthful age but as well far beyond ages and seasons.

Bridging the Gap
Florence, Italy

Friends keep making all sorts of suggestion that they think and suggest to be more appropriate and worth trying. how really true and solid can these suggestions take us? are they just mere desperate advices?

we do normally and regularly faces tough and breath taken circumstances, in which we find it difficult to think positive and to reflect on what is right to do as individuals.

In as much, we shouldn’t be people who lack what it takes to endure, no matter what it might cost us or how last it might trouble us. for as in many case study, enduring do many a times at the end point turns positive result if only we are able to endure to its fullness.

Life is not all about becoming rich and richer as each day passes, it is far different from that. it’s not just all about money, living big, cruising around in new fancy cars, having big houses and more, as our society today has currently painted it like all these years.

On the other end, we should continue to build on our gifts and passion irrespective of our mind state. for definitely there is going to be a better tomorrow so bright and fill with great hope and comfort maybe now is that time, maybe tomorrow, maybe it might take us weeks, months even years to achieve. it will be never too late no matter how we sees it.

Moreover, the society we find ourselves today lack that which it really needs to function efficiently. no genuine and concrete potential scheme. maybe that’s one strong fact why youth these days find it hard to secure jobs after high school, universities studies. this is one very deep gap that needs to be fill. Yes, a gap that must be bridged if really we are to except or rather witness any kind of change in the nearest future.

How can we therefore equal this situation in our society today? What must we do and how? What needs to be done needs to be done! No two ways about it. Moreover, we do believe also in the fact that it takes quite a while before anything positive in life is accomplish. In fact, all we all need at this exact time is nothing but a little patience with strong morals to endure. in life there always approach a period of trials in other to rather prove how really we can handle situations and overcome that so called challenges of life. In as much, Many have come to realize that it’s a thing which all human most come across in test of becoming a well successful and fulfil person.

Joblessness is a temporal state of lack that won’t last for an entire life time. A state we tend to act against even if it requires sacrificing our own last breath to ensure we succeed no matter what. in other to set a platform of open doors for our nearest generation to come when we are no more.

Surely, we become terrify about daily situations and things we feel, sense and see around us, as a result we become worried about our dreams. but still, we should never for any reason loose our focus not even for ones.

Many a times we wonder if really we are upright in all sense, If really we are making advances about changing our destiny, our tomorrow as individuals considering the present so called state of our world today. maybe this is one reason why we always taught it wise to impress anytime we are been called upon. because it might be our first and only opportunity to grip something doing. By so doing, the first chance you are given becomes your only but last opportunity this is our world today! A place with little or no opportunity. a dry and empty platform where it has become so hard to survive. Moreover, we still keep hoping immensely for a better tomorrow and a better future. we keep waiting steadfastly for that one day to lip us into limelight. Will it take months, or rather few years from now, or better still is it going to be in this life time or in another yet unknown? No one knows. but one thing we do know for sure is that our mindset remain focus on our dreams if only we are optimistic about it and we do work positively towards it, the rest will definitely come to play. Even when the economic and financial situation of our society is never to be reckon with. so bad. it seems barely hard to sense any kind of work in progress to better or rather fix it.

Maybe this is another fact why we see a lot of our youth out there striving so hard and all desperate to live their respective home for good. Most times, we do feel and wish we can do something about it unfortunately, we can barely do nothing. Where should we start from? And how must we go about it? My heart is full with all kind of worries just too numerous to voice out.

Currently as it seems situations try to overcome those dreams of ours we once had in mind to achieve; Good healthy life, wealth, happy family and home are few examples. are all these things been threatened of late? Due to our fears for tomorrows I’m hurt not only by our economic and financial status, but most especially, by every other inconvenience tempering with our happiness as young people either as peer group or as a nation.

By such, life is full of troubles and worries Irrespective of where and how we stand. one good reason we ought all to be vigilant as humans in every circumstances. though the society we live in has gradually turn his back away from its youth which is supposed to be in charge of practically every system if the world is really indeed in need of a global growth. No concrete solid budget to better our present state in short time. What a time we live in and do face as young people. No solid plans on ground for our generation even for the next to come. When will things change for good? What future do the society owns for we the young ones of today? How then must we the young ones go about in other for us to integrate fully into the working class society as it use to be in past?

My greatest fear is when young ones of today starts having families of their own. Honestly, it is going to be disastrous and hard to succeed in taking good care of our home if nothing is done about our present state today. How then can we feed our home and children? when we barely have nothing doing, and no source of monthly income coming in from nowhere.

Youth they do say are “Tomorrow’s leaders” how then can this be true in our time? Where there is no genuine plans from the government and those in authority in other to better the lives of the youth of today. My heart is not pleased with the way things seems lately, simply because most of our dreams as young individuals are gradually fading away with no form of rescue coming in from nowhere.

Many of our dreams are obviously becoming a mere illusion of our state of mind that can never be realize due to the fact that our society lack the mechanism in other to turn dreams to reality. Many have already lost hope and unfortunately slept over their dreams and desires. how should we go about it? Which is the right way forward is our cry in times like these below in our sacred heart. We keep hoping and waiting zealously for a solution which no one knows when it will come.

Recently, we can hardly say with full confident that which is left of our miserable tomorrow as young individuals living in a world with all manners and kinds of crime and atrocities, sins, corruptions, envy, jealousy, hatred, evil thinking towards one another and many other negative acts too numerous to mention. As a result, many youthful age has suddenly becomes hell here on earth simply because we find ourselves in a place too hot and hard for us to get out from easily. Yes! This is how many of us feel honestly. Our heart is completely divided in two with one part been blinded and surrounded by confusion alongside worries while the other part keeps beating faster and harder, waiting steadfastly for us to make a move in other to achieve our heart desires in short time, unfortunately our effort seems not worthy enough for that which our heart really request.

What then must me do ? how long shall we keep on searching? Why is it taking so long than usual for our present leaders to put things back in track again? Even when they themselves know what is right and need to be done in other to bring about equality in job opportunities for everyone most especially for the young class age they don’t just feel like doing what is right and expected of them.

Honestly, we are tired of waiting anxiously for a change which is yet or maybe never to come. Our little patient is gradually fading away as every single day passes on. Our heart is shattered by the situation in our society today. Our hope is gradually loosing is faith; even to the very extent that we feel the globe as large has nothing to offer anymore, in other to better our tomorrow.

A times we cry inside for our generation and for that to come. If only there will be another, due to the predicament the globe find itself today. A total state of grieve caused by humanity itself due to its irreversible humanitarian mistakes which has got out entire generation in jeopardy.

Confusion has taken over the mind of every young soul just as hardship as become the other of the day in our present world. Inside i do many a times feel the pain and share the worries of my peer group and of this generation. Generational cry is all we sense in our present time. Yes! This is simply how good to describe and express the present predicament we face today.

Will Dreams ever come true
Reggio Emilia, Italy

Everyone once have a dream to unveil to the entire globe as large. will these dreams ever come to reality? For some there is still much more ahead while for others their so called bright day has suddenly turned into night before they could take first step. Some have finally stake to a way that probably have nothing positive to yield. Not even in the nearest future. while others keep hoping and praying hard for a change in the situation at hand.

Everyday has become as if we are living in a period of war where we find things scares where the standard of living has risen to a level no one ever imagine and foreseen coming. Suddenly our dreams to become big and great one day in life has become something many now place in doubt due to conditions surrounding our present state of mind as at late.

“When are we going to be what we want to be?

When are we going to see what we want to see?

Time is twinkling and we can’t wait no more, will dreams ever come true in this part of the world ?” a young song writer once said.

All seems blown away, all seems taken off out from our mind simply as a result the foundation of our dreams has been tempted with by lots of doubt and un-believe which has brought distraction to many heart, homes, and in some cases total depression in young people.

Dreams that was ones dear to our heart has gradually become nowhere near our reach!

Honestly, I personally believe that life is just like a book made up of many pages. Everyday happens to be a new page. sure! a book with lot of pages and chapters of; confusion, hardship, love, hate, happiness, ups and down, good moments and lot’s more which we probably undergoes in our quest to succeed. In addition, the more we grow in life, the more things keep becoming uncertain and complicated even far more than we ever predicted at the start. Well, this is one simple theory I personally believe in, How about you? Probably we might seems to view life from different prospective and from various point of views which obvious might differs. but all sum together, like itself is unique to every single one of us. No one is left out, the young, the old, the poor even as much unto the rich. to all; life is unique in its own way.

Hard to those who seems or think is hard and smooth going for those who feels and sense things differently. Haven stated these fact, we ought to show good fighting spirit to strive always towards that which is uncertain.

The youth of today are all living in times of worries knowing not what tomorrow will bring! Many wonder and wish all just go as they predicted. Rather, we live in times where no man can easily tell of what his or her future will be. Good or Bad, wrong or right, we can’t really tell. “what will be will be’’ has finally become our major life principle. not because it’s easy to say, but simply because it has become the only life style one can grip unto comfortably and can build upon as young individuals in times like this. we ask ourselves lot of questions regarding what to do with our own lives in our quest to achieve, how must we go about it? Unfortunately, all that is placed in our mind are just mere taught of confusion.

Life as a whole has a lot to its meaning than we tend to assume. It is full of ups and down every now and then. Dreams or no dreams, life rotate in its own unique way, no matter how we sees it. Life rotate so do our dreams rotate along with it. In most cases, if we are lucky enough we have the chance to achieve these so call dreams of ours. If unfortunately we don’t, then it all seems gone and not to be easily trace again. considering the actual situation we find ourselves these days, will our dreams ever come through? These days, many do seems afraid to take a step considering the crisis facing our world today. Only few goes around carelessly about what tomorrow hold ahead.

It’s a pity to see lot of people around these days without determination, hope nor goals for the nearest future. Many a times, it hurt me within deep inside for what i see and hear in our modern day society. Things keeps getting worse by the day while nobody seems touch in contributing that little he or she can offer in fixing it right. Our nation or better still, our world looks fading away gradually. No concrete nor solid ideas in bringing it back to its original form as it once used to be. When are will going to start seeing changes we all have been waiting desperately for ?

Honestly it’s like planet earth is thrown into a deep pit where no one can reach nor talk of having bright solution in pulling it out. In other words, we find ourselves in a situation of no escape where our heart is weak and has been tortured by hardship it faces day in day out.

What then is the meaning of living?
Prague, Czech Republic

To what extend are we living, if not to have a splendid and wonderful tomorrow.

While then are millions of people still breathing? Well maybe i may not in the right position to prove that which seems complicated and hard for common humans to unfold. But i am certainly sure to be in the right stand of expressing my own state of mind.

Do we really deserve to be in existence after all? Was it really something destine to occur in the last days that men will experience great and huge hardship? If maybe my taught are quite as good as yours then nothing i believe can be done to free the world from its present state of today. because that which has been occurring these past few years has been bound to happen. Rather it has been long destine to occur centuries ago even before our personal life journey began on surface earth.

Yeah! A journey, because life itself is a trip we find ourselves in; mischievously in the sense that we never really planned for it.

Our life is nothing but a gradual journey that began in secrecy. Rather, its first stage do starts with the act of reproduction between two parties, after which we grow and develop. Thereby, we mature from one state to another while we encounter various obstacles and difficulties. Honestly the journey hasn’t been easy. So far so good, for anybody! not even for the rich in our mist. Each and every one of us got a story to tell. It has nothing to do with your colour of skin, be you black, white, yellow or brown, irrespective of our racial culture or background of origin. we all do face hard times. But of what essence how will living if we can’t carter for each other and for one another. what then is the reason of living if there can’t be peace among people and nation, among brethrens, and among enemies? The world is a very large place this i know, but still, we can possibly live in harmony and tranquillity.

Day by day, we cry for change in our own little way. how can there be change when our mind is filled with hate towards one another ? we should embrace making things right. Thereby, making our nation and home a better place if only we embark in embracing peace.

Crisis here and there, fighting and bombing everyday can’t help us nowhere!

Honestly, my heart bleeds within seeing people dying unfortunately over what they knew nothing about. most especially the innocent children that suffers an looses their lives all in the name of conflict among nations and different groups.

Is like we live in times where there is no sympathy, seed of love in the heart of men. We find people, nations living all for themselves alone.

It’s a pity the world has finally lost its ground on collective initiatives. How then can there ever be universal growth in our time as it was in the yester years.

So hard to believe that diversity now even rules in government, not only in racial or in religiousness alone. As a result, people from the same nation, with even the same religious view and same cultural heritage often see themselves as enemies because they belong to different political parties. Indeed what a pity!

No good and solid motivation to strive on, in our present generation. Ours has become a generation that is gradually sleeping away while losing all its moral value which i strongly believe should have been vital than the roles the so call modern day technologies now occupy in our recent society. Rather, Computer age; an era of innovation and development has become order of day. A Microsoft world of inventions which has left many individuals famous while many other jobless due to the fact that many job places has been occupied by machineries, in places of work that are supposed to be occupy by personnel in flesh.

Our moral capacities as humans has been placed secondary. Paying way to a computerize system which in its part has no moral virtues to offer the society as at large.

The beginning of the End

We hardly see thing in its real prospective these days, even when seems so bad we still assumes it looks perfect. Confusion as gradually find a permanent place in our mind. One reason I believe we individuals do find it hard to think as we ought to.

Our mindset and thinking has been tempered with by things we see daily in our society. Nevertheless, one fact stays unchanged; that we all live in hard times be you a rich person, be you poor as well. No single one of us can prove otherwise. We do often hear of earth quakes, terrorist attacks and so on. in our world today people live in fear and do no longer feels save. I think these are signs that sound to us unclear that and era is about to come to an End. Our world is gradually changing. thereby taking another dimension. What really is it going to look like in the next few years to come ? our generation seems bitter and lost in dreams which might never be unfold. It seems like we are in the last days, or rather, it is just as if we are in a beginning of a new world bound to face hardship, challenges and difficulties.

My taught is fill with lots of thinking that I can’t find answers to suite them all. How soon is it going to take before things just smooth in right? For some of us, all we think keeps us moving on is perfection. Many even do see themselves as being genius. Well, it takes sacrifice, dedication and time for a man to achieve greatness in short time, one reason why smaller nations wouldn’t stop to keep crying upon other nations for help, families keeps hoping upon governmental leaders for intervention in their economic and financial state. It seems we’ve all forgotten that we live in an helpless world where humans keep searching really hard for the purpose of a better tomorrow. Silence and cry has finally becomes the only comfort for many. With no concrete help coming from elsewhere.

For many all hope is lost completely, while few still hold on to their little faith. Bitter to say that many of our early childhood dreams has unfortunately been shadowed and blown away where our mind can’t been reach. It hurt to say that our world has become a cave where people can hardly survive.

Our heart worries nobody is able to hear or share with our suffering, probably because everyone is been face with his or her similar problems. In most cases, our personal intelligence can’t react positively to our current state, all because we live in times that mark the beginning of the end to come.

Nevertheless, we still keep moving even when our human strength isn’t strong no longer. We have to keep on pushing. no matter how we sees it after all.

Courage is all we need in times like this, when all hope is lost.

Where is our dearest world heading to ? who is leading us where and how long is it going to take ? a life time, or it is just a question of hours before things can come back to its original form.

Well, every beginning will always have an end. Maybe same is around the corner for our precious globe. The future might be bright and brilliant for us all, but still, it remains blank and hard to describe completely.

A times, that which we really seek or want isn’t far away, but we tend to make it seems impossible. Above all, we should learn to always hide our pains inside no matter the circumstances. Thereby, wearing a big smile at all time. Because we may never know what tomorrow has in line for us all.

So do my Jobless mind think.

Piece of Heart.

In life we ought to be Ourselves. It is of no point pretending to be a super-hero. Learn when self instinct is needed in play.

Everyone has his or her own liberty to say whatsoever. As there is freedom of speech for all.

In as much, life is not a challenge, but a journey which we all must partake in as individuals.

Always remember no one is perfect. In other words, that lives us equal at the end.

Imperfect me,

Imperfect you.

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