Otzi's Death by mohit B.

Intro of Otzi.

Otzi is a persevered human who is found the oldest mummy that has skin . Some people call him Iceman .Otzi was a hunter who died on a mountain Similaun mountain and Hauslabjoch. Because he was right in the border of Austria and Italy.He was killed or murderer by someone or he froze to death.In 1991 two hikers saw his body and one of the hikers called the cops.Then scientists researched him and they said that he is the oldest stone to have skin on top his body and he was 5,300 years old.He was alive when the Egyptians were even alive.

How i think Otzi died.

I think that Otzi got ambushed by people when he was on the mountain I think this because he had wound and an arrow in his back . To backup this idea i have proof that he got ambushed. Proof #1 he had wounds on his body witch mean he got ambushed by people on the mountain. I think that he got stabbed multiple times . I think to finish him they used the arrow to injury him and make him suffer and he is going to freeze to death. Proof #2 is that he was tough because he took lots of stabbing and he did not die from the arrow so i think that was tough.

Picture otzi Otzi what he maybe looked like.
This is Otzi tools.

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