The Preminer token Family: coe mny pre zur zus

Welcome to the introduction of financial instruments on the blockchain.

The Preminer is an ever growing pool of crypto. One way the Preminer fills up is by helping thinkers and creators jump start their blockchain idea. Got a great idea but need funding to help get it started? m0nk3y can help you. In exchange for funding, kickstarting, and advertising your idea on their 24 hour news network, m0nk3y will accept a portion of the projects tokens as payment to the Preminer.

The Preminer absorbs crypto that has fallen in value. The Preminer will take in the fallen crypto, and in exchange, will give out MNY at the 30 day moving average of the crypto that went in.

Example: Bitcoin crashes to $3000 after previously being at $6000. The 30 day moving average is up around $5000. By sending in your BTC, you will get $5000 worth of MNY out. This is just one way in which m0nk3y is bringing financial instruments to the blockchain.

So the Preminer is filling up with value... Now, how do we break open the vault and access all that value? PRE is the KEY. By sending PRE to the Preminer, you will receive a random token basket sent to your Ethereum wallet which you sent PRE from. After 7 days the Preminer will distribute a random token basket for 30 days, each day you will receive an amount of each of the tokens in the basket.

The Token Family

Zur will be the native currency of the upcoming Monex exchange

ZUS is a Blank Utility Token. It has what is known as potential real reverse utility. It is a token that establishes a strong market before adopting an outstanding project.

Things get interesting once you bring Coeval into the equation. Coeval gives the hodler the benefit of receiving tokens dripped into their wallet from future m0nk3y projects.
PRE and MNY work together in a portfolio as the perfect Crypto hedge.


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