The Preminer token Family: coe mny ZUR FUTR FUTX

Welcome to the introduction of financial instruments on the blockchain.

What is Proof of Value?

Proof of Value is the future of cryptocurrency. We see a future full of new, next generation cryptocurrency backed tokens utilizing PoV models. Once a token has a known cost of production and later swaps back for the original materials that created it, dumps no longer are looked down upon but become profitable events for patient investors. This gives a whole new meaning to 'buy the dip.'

Show me the MNY

MNY is a cryptocurrency that follows the historical price of bitcoin. If you could go back in time and invest in bitcoin in 2012 knowing that one day it will hit $20K would you? MNY opens up this opportunity to everyone. At time of writing, MNY is at $4. Below are instructions on how to mine MNY with ETH using metamask and FUTXminer.

At a certain date as programmed by the smart contract, FUTR and FUTX swap back for the original cryptocurrency that created them - Ethereum. In this way, FUTR and FUTX are just as good as future ETH.

MNY follows the historical price of bitcoin and naturally inflates in value. After all 21m are issued, MNY swaps back for the original materials that created them.

Coeval is the ultimate index token. It is the combined might of the underlying tokens within the token family. Stay tuned for more info about this brand new token index.


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