Chile Uniquip University of the Nations

When the Santiago base was pioneered they spent the first three years with very little access to water, as we prayed into this we felt that this was an important thing to remind ourselves of in light of what God wanted to do in this Uniquip for the region...

Markus told us the story of the well on the base. How they installed a first well, which dried up and trusted God for a second well twice as deep at 120meters. This is a land of deep wells.

We did introductions by taking a rock from the new well, writing our names and forming an altar of living stones in the classroom. We each wrote our name on our rock and spoke out our expectations for the Uniquip before placing it at the foot of the cross.

We had a Panel of young and old in the afternoon to hear stories and Q&A between all the generations. We needed to understand the history and find our place in God's story. Honouring the past and looking forward to the future with renewed hope and shared Unity.

Tom Bloomer spoke on Transactional vs. Transformational leadership - Matthew 20:20-28

If you are leading like your culture tells you to lead, you are not leading in a biblical way. Jesus taught the disciples how to do ministry. He was also teaching them to lead. Their leadership models were bad examples - Roman soldiers and Herod the king. The other leadership models available to them were the Pharisees. None of them good.

Transactional: A Desire for power, privilege and place. "Who is the greatest?"

The people asked Samuel for a king. 1 Samuel 8. He warned them that the king would lord it over them and control and manipulate them. You don’t have to think for yourself or take responsibility... transactional leadership keeps us like children, it is safe, but we remain very immature. We have security and conformity, but also many rules.

God instituted curses and blessings as a transactional leadership because they were refugees and slaves, a system of sacrifices, punishment for sin, rewards for obedience. Deuteronomy 28. Do you think I am impressed by the blood of animals and sacrifices. When they are immature you have to be transactional with them, but as they grow, they should experience more and more of a transformational Leadership style. We work with our children to motivate them in love. God does not want us to obey him because we fear punishment but because love is expressed through obedience. Leadership is a service and act of love.

We are called to be a transformational mission. If we are going to be a transformational university and mission, we cannot lead the way our culture teaches us to. We must be shockingly different! Jesus washes the feet of his disciples and he behaved as lower than a slave. That was his last teaching on leadership before the cross which is the ultimate leadership. Leadership is an expression of love! Leadership and love are not separate in Jesus, they are one! ‘Was that a loving interaction?’ ‘How can I serve?’ The more rules we have the less love we have.

Processing time

What three specific areas is God convicting you of control, transactional leadership and power within your personal life?

How does your leadership team, staff team or school staff lead in a transactional way? Do you see ways to change that?

During the Processing time we considered the nature and character of a god who was singular and what He would be like, how would he view man? We found that he would be a god who had a huge ego, demanding and selfish... a terrifying view of God as singular!

Then we compared that view to the one of the God in the Bible, who is Trinity and self-sacrficing expressing a selfless, dedicated and committed love between Father, Son and Holy Spirit who shares all of the gifts of the Spirit in diversity and Unity - the foundation for University! A sacrificial God who is Transformational and not Transactional in His leadership style...

We then moved into ministry teams, base leadership teams, staff teams to address how the team functions in a particularly transactional way. What specific steps do you need to make to change the culture to be more transformational? Each group did a creative report back as a skit, picture, song or poem to illustrate “before” and “after”.

We heard about the Structure of the UofN from Miriam and a bit about the new Co-hort based AA degrees from Aleck

Adriano shared about the Biblical basis of Education

Looking at Genesis 1-3 as the basis for education. In a fallen world knowledge is power. In God’s view Knowledge is love. 2 Peter 2:5-8.

Knowledge, faith and character are essential and we need all three to be like God.

Carlinha told us Formal, Non-Formal and Informal Education is important, Jesus used all three modes of education with his disciples.

Aleck shared about Educational Wounding from his personal story and then we moved into ministry time to one another.

We had wonderful devotions and worship every morning.

We also learned about the importance of Tension to life, that everything is interconnected, just like God is Trinity.

Tension is a part of life...

Community and Individual

Too little tension and we have apathy...

Tension is essential to life and very healthy...

But too much tension for too long leads to stress...

Live/Learn in every part of life...

Theory and practice

Father, Son and Holy Spirit...

*School leader, students, guest speaker, base leadership in tension within YWAM and the UofN...

Formal, Non-Formal, Informal learning...

Susi shared about the importance of one on ones in every University of the Nations school.

Adriano and Carlinha shared on grading assessment and evaluation and how to faciliate the Holy Spirit in the classroom and in each person's life. We are all learners in God's presence.

In the afternoon we spent some time hearing about the DTS and then had an hour or two in break-out sessions as well.

On the final day we debriefed from the week and prepared a feast to celebrate together. God gave so many breakthroughs during the week and we were amazed!

Celebrating what God has done in an intentional community meal with thanksgiving right at the centre...

We also wrote down our commitments to God for after the Uniquip and invited a refugee family to join us for the meal...

Finally, after an amazing "Love Feast" meal we went back to the well where we started at the beginning of the week.

Ricardo shared a fresh perspective on the challenges faced historically around the well and access to water... We started the week trusting God to heal, refresh and lead us into abundant and wide open spaces. He really did that in a profound way...

We also returned our stones back to the source of the well as God is building YWAM and the UofN together, the older and younger generation and making us into a living body for His glory. Living stones written upon by God and built up into a University of the Spirit and a movement called Youth With A Mission!

Return to the Well, refreshment, place our living stones as an offering to God and finish well, with faithfulness.