From Mundane to Magical: COMBINE PICS with photoshop mix

Inside the Creative Cloud Studio Experience at Adobe Summit 2017

Photoshop Mix offers advanced imaging in a simple-to-use mobile app that lets you easily share your work. Seamless integration with Adobe Creative Cloud means you can work with other desktop apps like Photoshop and Lightroom. At Adobe Summit, participants learned how to create their new projects on mobile in an efficient workflow, involving these steps:

1. Combining

Cut out and remove portions of your images, merge them with other images using multiple layers and create sophisticated blends by controlling layer opacity.

2. Enhancing

Enhance or adjust an image or apply one of over a dozen looks to select areas or your entire image.

3. Sharing

Upload your work to the Photoshop Mix community on Behance to get kudos and feedback.

"Photoshop is a unique tool that allows us to create something that's worth even more than the sum of its parts."

Getting Started

Participants who visited the Creative Cloud Experience Studio started out with a beautiful photo of a sunset over water from Adobe Stock.

Our participants had a collection of photos to choose from and combine their own unique Photoshop Mix creation. Each photo is simple on its own, but can be seamlessly layered together to create one completely unique image.

Images from our demo.

The group was invited to start adding some additional images to this photo, to create an image that was completely unique. Each photo was layered on top of the original photo, to eventually create a beautiful composite image, all using the mobile app.

The final product:

Our participants learned how to create something completely their own in less than thirty minutes. Here's a quote from one of our participants:

"I can't believe how easy and quick that was. Now I have a tool that I can use for work and my own creative explorations."

For a quick look at what is possible with Photoshop Mix, take a look at this video:

Learn more about Adobe Photoshop Mix


Created with images by StockSnap - "macbook laptop computer"

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