Economic Systems Why communism doesn't work. written for middle schoolers.

Most Americans kids are familiar with the idea of capitalism being good and communism being bad. It's what we're taught and it's true. So why do kids know so little? According to a recent survey, 75% percent of kids at a local middle school think capitalism works but only 45% say that capitalism is their preferred economic system. Why do kids "know" that capitalism works but not think of it as their preferred way? Therefore, it is important to inform kids about both systems of economics so they can make decisions themselves about which they feel is the most efficient, effective way to run society.

Capitalism promotes prosperity. Some of the richest people have come out of the most capitalist times in history. Rockefeller. Carnegie. Vanderbilt.

With capitalism, we can buy what we want when we want. Saving up our hard earned money can allow us to buy items like iPhones.

Capitalism is the economic system we use here in America and most other countries. We have always used this system with varying degrees of it. For example, the closest we have gotten to "pure capitalism" was in the late 19th-early 20th century during our industrial revolution. This was a time when we had little to no government intervention in the way businesses were ran. Companies could pay who they wanted, what they wanted, when they wanted. The Industrial Revolution was the extreme end of capitalism. However, most communists think it is still like this. Capitalism promotes free trade by allowing consumers and marketers to sell whatever they want for however much they want. This encourages competition between retailers to sell their product for the cheapest price. This will give buyers the cheapest prices. At an appropriate level, capitalism can be very beneficial to a country.

The opposite to capitalism is communism. It is a system used by just 5 countries. It is a philosophy in which all people are equal and there are no social classes. According to "The Communist Manifesto", throughout history, we have been split into the bourgeoisie and the proletariat, the oppressor and the oppressed. The bourgeoisie are the owners of factories, businesses, product. They live by selling their goods or capital. On the other hand, the proletariat survives by selling their labor. Communists think that we need to destroy these social classes and unite as one. In this system, the state owns everything. The government owns the property, healthcare, education and more.

At an incredibly simple level, communism makes sense. Everybody works like they normally would; but everybody is equal. Yahoo. However, when you factor human nature in -- everything goes up in flames. Why should doctors work hard in their difficult professions when a mindless factory worker is making the same amount of money? And why should that factory worker work at all if they're getting paid the same whether they make their product good or not. There have been stories of doctors in Cuba having side jobs as waiters and taxi drivers so they can make more money from tips. Another huge problem in communism is that it doesn't value the arts. If you want to grow up and be a musician or an actor, communism doesn't find them necessary to civilization. Also, the free market truly isn't bad. The only things that can be counter-productive are monopolies and in communism these monopolies are just transferred from businesses to political power.

People in communist countries hate communism. In Cuba, people resort to escaping on homemade rafts. According to a study performed by In China, a whopping 76% percent of citizens think that a free market economy leaves a country in a better place. And in Vietnam, the number of citizens that think the same jumps to number 1 in the world at 95%. If communist countries don't like it neither should you.

"The Communist Manifesto", a communist's bible, is no better than other authoritarian propaganda like Hilter's Mein Kampf or Mao's Little Red Book. They are all written to spread tyranny, dictatorship, and violence. Mein Kampf has plenty of despicable ideas about jews and other groups "...the personification of the devil as a symbol of all evil assumes the living shape of the Jew". Fellow communist Mao tse-tung's book is no better as it has many quotations about a violent revolution against a fair government such as "political power grows from the barrel of a gun" and "Communism is not love. Communism is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy." All of these books contain dangerous and untruthful propaganda attempting to convince us that our systems in hand are corrupt when in fact the ideas they're spreading are the bad ones. As Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels wrote, there are 10 planks of communism. These 10 ideas illustrate how a communist country should be run..

No private property. Centralization of the means of communication to the government. Confiscation of the property of emigrants and rebels. Is this a new bestseller? No, it's just three of the ten planks of communism. These are supposed to be ways to make everyone equal when in fact it just spreads the ideas of totalitarianism and dictatorship. When you give the government this much power, you're asking for someone to take it. If we want to stay free as a nation we must try to keep our youth from communist ideas and propaganda.

There aren't that many communists in America. The Communist Party USA only has about 2,000 members which is just 1/36,000 of the size of the Democratic Party. However, communists dream of a violent revolution and two thousand members is enough to do so provided they use their snake-like propaganda to persuade people.

However, the worry isn't American communists but Chinese ones. Communism has the idea that the end goal would be to have the entire world living in a red hued communist utopia. China controls the 2nd most amount of US debt. If they were to follow Marx's ideasand declare war on us to spread communism, we would be in a catastrophic amount of trouble.

In conclusion, communism is cancerous to society and our planet cannot handle it. It's roots were created with good intentions but were soon twisted into the evil forest we know it to be now. It has went from a garden, filled with opportunity and youth, to a dead stretch of land that no matter how many times seeds are planted, will never be fertile again. Capitalism is the economic system of the past, present and future and is the only way we will progress as workers, artists, businessmen, politicians, and humans.


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