The World And Its Changes By: Peyton Gantz

I am going to ask and awnser some questions. Question 1. How are living things conected? Question 2.What happens if there is a change in the ecosystem or if 1 thing is removed from the food web?
I will awnser question 2 for you first. Make sure you pay attention, ask an adult if something doesn't make sence.
That is a food chain. Everything is fine and happy things die it is part of life, but what if I do this..............................
It is the same but there are no plants.
So know the plants are gone what will happen to the Zebras what will they have to eat? Lets see what will happen.
Know there is only the lions left.
Know there is only a lion left, because the Zebra died of starvation, because there is no more plants for the Zebra to eat and that is all the Zebra eats it only eats plants and there are no plants left so it dies of starvation. Then the Lion dies of starvation because there is no more Zebra to eat so then all the lions die, and then the other things that the lion eats then they over populate, then fianally they will die because they are prosumably herbivores ( Things that eat plants ) and they have to eat plants to live but the Zebras ate all of the plants so then eventully everything in Africa will die and nothing will live there. Then that might happen to Europe, the Artic, North America, and all the other continents
The food chain
Now time for Question #1 ( That is one in roman numerals) How are living things conected.
Time to awnser the question. All things are connected in one way. How they are all connected is the..........
A food chain
All animals get their energry from their food. And all the ecosystems are connected by food chains and food webs. Every living thing needs energry to live even we do. Every living gets their energy by eating. Here's an example, the Zebra eats the plants and the plants have energy that is givin off to the thing that eats it, in this sucumstance the Zebra gets the energy from the plant. And when the lion eats that Zebra then the lion gets all of the Zebra's energy even the stuff the plant gave to the Zebra, so now the lion has all of the Zebras energy.
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