Who Wants to Be a President? 2017 Student government Association elections

Campaign week is nothing to joke about at the University of Tennessee; Pedestrian Walkway is lined with tents set up as home base, speakers trying to grab anyone and everyone's attention and campaigners sporting their new colorful t-shirts all trying to persuade you to support their friends.

Pedestrian Walkway

The Morgan Mickey Hunter Campaign was made up of three juniors who had a mission to #MakeMoreHappen.

Campaign week is a whirlwind of meetings, pizza and pancake parties, and debates.

The Morgan Mickey Hunter Campaign was running on five major policy points including lower Uber prices, free textbooks, no parking citations, Creed Week, and consistency in the code of conduct.

"We picked green as our campaign color because to us it symbolizes growth, harmony, and freshness. -- It represents the reinvigorating approach that we plan to bring to SGA." - Morgan, Mickey, and Hunter
"The campaign experience was like no other. We were up at like 7:00AM to about 11:00 PM running on volunteer spirit and sweating coffee. I am so grateful for the support of the student body and could not have wished for a better campaign." -Newly appointed Vice President, Michael Curtis Jr.
Voting was open to all students and accessible through their Canvas account.
Late nights were spent handing pizza and ice cream out at the library engaging students in conversations about what changes they wanted to see happen on campus.

The campaign was a tough race, with three campaigns fighting for one spot. Ultimately however, the Unite UT Campaign and the LIT for UT Campaign fell short to Morgan, Mickey and Hunter.

"I wanted to run because I knew no one cared as much as I did and that no one would represent the students as well as I would." - Newly appointed President, Morgan Hartgrove
And, with that, the University of Tennessee's campaign season came to a close and the Morgan Mickey Hunter campaign came out on top.

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