Crispr stands for Clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats. CRISPR is a piece of DNA which is used to defend against disease, and modify children.

CRISPR is useful because it can stope HIV, and cancer. Crisper can help us genetically modify children to look like we want them to and help us live longer. It can also help us go to space and help us maybe even settle on the moon or mars.

I think it should be used for something's but not all. I think it should be used to cure diseases and help people but it shouldn't be used to modify children's looks. If it is used to modify people's looks it is being used for the wrong thing.

This is very interesting because it could ultimately cure cancer in the future and it can help make people lives better. It will come with a risk but it might be worth it for people whose live with cancer.

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